Low Carb Dinners in Less than 30 Minutes

Low carb dinners don’t have to take a long time to be delicious!  Check out these 21 low carb dinners ready in 30 minutes or less.  The best part is that you’ll get a powerful punch of nutritious vegetables in most of these meals. I am coming to the end of a 21 Day Sugar Detox and […]

32 Must-Have Valentine’s Cards for Kids

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  The kids are going to want to have just the perfect Valentine’s Cards to hand out to their friends.  I love to look on Amazon for the right ones, because my children love harder to find characters like Pokemon and zombies! 32 Must-Have Valentine’s Cards for Kids If you click […]

21 Winter Crafts for Kids

Winter crafts for kids are a fun way to get children excited about the seasons.  Snow, sweaters, ice, and more make winter a totally unique time of the year.  For some, it’s right in the peak of winter’s crazy cold weather.  Others of us are having an unseasonably warm winter this year.  Either way, try […]

Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit

Are you an overwhelmed and exhausted homeschool mom?  Are you having a mid-year slump?  Homeschool moms need time to refresh and refocus, right? Check out this information by guest blogger Connie Hughes of Smockityfrocks.com about an upcoming even that will do just that.  You will find homeschool encouragement and maybe find a spark to get your […]

Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Family

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of homeschooling parents about choosing homeschool curriculum.  It can be stressful for a homeschool mom or dad to go through a ton of great curriculum choices and have to pick.  It’s a big decision!  Here is a comprehensive list of things to consider before making the […]