Puerto Rico – Live Your Own 5 Star Vacation Story

This post brought to you by Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. All opinions are 100% mine. I'm sure you've heard of the All-Star Island or Puerto Rico.  Have you ever been?  From what I have researched, it is the perfect travel destination for anyone that wants to just hop on a plane and go! Live […]

Packing School Lunches: 70 Easy Ideas

How to pack the perfect lunch for kids #fuelyourimagination #fruitshoot - 70 Easy Ideas for Packing School Lunches

Packing school lunches can be a daunting task. We homeschool, but we do manage to go to activities once or twice a week where we have to pack up and go. I used to stress about it, but I have gotten a lot better over the past few months. I used to wonder how to […]

Pregnancy Update: 12 weeks

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

I will officially be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow (Easter Sunday)!  I thought I might as well give an update on my pregnancy and chronicle some of my experiences here from the first trimester since I didn’t blog about it until recently. So far, I have had about 7 weeks of feeling queasy.  Lately, it has […]

10 Must Have Baby Gifts On a Budget

10 Must Have Baby Gifts On a Budget

Spring and summer seem to be filled with baby showers and brand new arrivals!  While many people just purchase items straight from the family’s registry, many times a new mother doesn’t really know what she wants and may leave it up to her guests to come up with the perfect gifts.  I’m here to share […]

Curiosity Quest – Educational DVDs Review #hsreviews


My children are always very curious.  They want to know how everything works and constantly want to look things up so they can understand this big world around them.  We were fortunate enough to be able to review a few DVDS from an awesome series, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.  Curiosity […]