GREEMU: The Green Alternative to Emu Oil (Review)

I have been using various oils for many things, including my hair and skin, for years.  I have tried Emu oil in the past, but I was recently given the opportunity to try an alternative called GREEMU from Devonian. As you can see from the Oil Certificate of Analysis included with my 4 oz. bottle of GREEMU, it […]

Gummy Worm Slushy Punch

Kids love fun drinks, and this gummy worm slushy punch would be perfect for a playdate or a party!  It’s sure to please all of the kids with real gummy worms.  If you are throwing a spring or summer party, this one is especially fun because it combines the tasty slushy texture, a fruity taste, […]

Heroes of History – Thomas Edison (Review)

My kids love learning about inventors, so when we had the opportunity to review the book Heroes of History- Thomas Edison from YWAM Publishing, I knew my kids would be excited.  We were also able to use the corresponding Digital Unit Study to go along with the book to really dive into it further. We received a physical copy of […]

Writers in Residence Volume 1 Curriculum Review

My 5th grade daughter loves to write, but rarely when it is assigned to her.  She’s the type that will pen her own fictional story or write in a diary for hours, but stares blankly at the page when she is given any instruction on writing.  When we were chosen to review Writers in Residence from Apologia Educational […]

Math Mini-Courses from A+ Interactive Math Review

Have you ever found that your child’s elementary or middle school math program has a few holes in it?  Are there certain topics that you really want your student to cover more for some extra practice and better comprehension?  A+ Interactive Math has recently introduced Math Mini-Courses, and we were chosen to review two of them in […]