Welcome, Everyone!

Alright!  Welcome to my new blog…I started it because people are constantly asking me great questions and I love answering them!  I figured that more than just one person could benefit from the information sometimes, so this blog was born.
Anyway, RAQ stands for Recently Asked Questions, but pronounce it “rack” – as in “Nice rack!”… I think it’s funny, so laugh along or don’t read… your choice. 😛

Favourite Celebrity Quote no. 611 - Jack Black
id-iom / Art Photos / CC BY-NC

Some posts are going to be more profound than others… Some will just be short little things, others will be lengthy and full of links and/or other research.

Thanks for stopping in!  I hope to keep this up to date since I’m already answering questions from people anyway!  I might as well just share the info, right? 🙂

About Jenn L

Jenn lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and 5 children. The family likes to eat healthy and try new recipes. Jenn homeschools all of the kids. She is heavily involved with local bloggers and is slightly addicted to social media.


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