TheraBreath Review (I love this stuff!)

A few weeks ago, I changed my brand of toothpaste and mouth wash.  I started using TheraBreath.  It is an interesting experience using it because it is not full of trying-to-mask-the-bad-breath-but-really-just-burning-my-mouth-MINT and it does NOT lather up like crazy.  You see, it was developed by a dentist that specializes in treating BAD BREATH.  He understands the hows and whys of bad breath and his special formulations effectively treat it!

The toothpaste really did keep my breath smelling good and didn’t burn or sting like toothpastes sometimes do.
The mouthwash was really interesting, too!  At first, you feel like you’re just swashing around water in your mouth, but at the end, you can taste and feel the peppermint essential oils in there.

Another product I tested was their mouth-wetting lozenge… Okay, seriously.  This one was the WEIRDEST THING!  It was sort of like an Altoid, but it made my mouth water like CRAZY!!!  You see, they work in 3 stages to help fight bad breath:

Stage 1 uses our pleasant citrus mint formula to quickly eliminate any unpleasant flavors or odors in your mouth. Stage 2 uses the power of Zinc, Oxygen, and Xylitol – our clinical strength active ingredients -to attack the germs that cause bad breath. Stage 3 introduces our proprietary salivary agent to eliminate dry mouth and stimulate your body to produce saliva, a powerful germ fighting agent.

How To Use This Product
Eat a lozenge whenever your mouth feels dry or you experience an unpleasant flavor. Three or four a day should keep your mouth fresh, moist, and free of bad breath.

This stuff REALLY works!!! I used the lozenges after eating a meal fit for a garlic lover and they were awesome at neutralizing that and keeping my mouth fresh and clean.  I keep a few of these in my purse now, just in case!  I think I’ll keep some in my doula bag, too, so that when I attend births, I have something to keep my mouth fresh while my face is super close to the mama’s face. 😉

You really should try these products out!  They have lots more and they’re all kosher, not tested on animals, approved for diabetics, and are better for the environment with natural ingredients.  To top it off, they’re always running awesome specials!!  They even have probiotics and products for dogs! (Goodness knows Fido could use some help… gag!)

Connect with TheraBreath:
*Check out their website for more information about Dr. Katz and TheraBreath or read their blog.
*Watch Dr. Katz on Youtube.
*Follow them on twitter @Therabreath.
*Check out the Therabreath Facebook page.

*I was provided Theabreath products free of charge so that I could accurately review them.  I was not required to post a review and all of my thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

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