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My children absolutely LOVE playing board games of all kinds.  Heck, they love playing ALL games!  Word games, math games, made up games, the works!  When I came across the opportunity to review playPLAY Games, I knew that my family was going to flip out and love them!

We received all 3 of the games available from playPLAY, including PaintPlay (for ages 6 and up and 2-4 players), StoryPlay (for ages 7 and up and 2-4 players), and ColorPlay (for ages 5 and up and 2-6 players).  They retail around $19.99 each and will be available soon from Barnes & Noble and Toys R Us shortly if they aren’t already available at your local retail outlets!

I reviewed all of these with my 7 year old daughter and my 5 1/2 and ALMOST 3  year old sons.  Surprisingly, everyone was able to play ALL three games with just a few modifications for my younger sons. If you have a large family and are worried about whether or not you will be able to include everyone, worry not!  These games are highly adaptable for each child’s individual needs and abilities.  I would imagine that ColorPlay would be suitable up to about age 10 (or older if playing with younger siblings).  StoryPlay would probably be good for up to age 13 or so (since they create clever sentences that are from random draw each time!).  PaintPlay would be fun for varying ages as well, probably up to 13 or so with younger siblings playing along.

Regarding the Game PaintPlay:

Skills:  Color recognition • Matching • Creativity & Imagination • Dexterity • Cooperation
Contents: Paint tray w/8 colors, 2 paint brushes, paper, 40 Action Cards, spinner, 6 paint tokens.

When playing PaintPlay, the first thing that we noticed was that it was a group effort for the game.  There was no competitiveness or need to be sneaky to “win”.  Instead, each player plays together to eventually create a really cool painted piece of art as a group following the cues included in the game.  

My kids really loved that they were able to paint during this game and were very proud of their final product when the game was completed.  My children BEG me to play this game at least 4 times a week now!  As a parent, I enjoy that the kids are all on the SAME team and are able to bring their own unique talents and imagination into the game.  I love that it is very kinesthetic and even my non-artsy child had a blast playing!

When looking at StoryPlay:

Skills: Language • Creativity & imagination • Cooperation
Contents: 125 double-sided word & image tiles, 1 double-sided write & wipe game board, 1 write & wipe pen.

Playing StoryPlay was a bit more challenging to incoporate my 2 year old into, but we made it work so he could get excited about a game, too!  In this game, players work to create a series of silly (or serious!) sentences out of the tiles included in the game.  Some of the tiles have pictures and some have words, and each tile is double sided so that when the right number of tiles are selected, each child still has plenty of choices.  
My daughter, the 7 year old, was able to use mostly word tiles and was able to choose things with capital letters as the beginning of her sentence (or to write her own word for the sentence beginning, as per the rules), and was conscious of the ending punctuation as well.  She served as a good helper to remind and instruct my other sons how to correctly form a sentence!  My younger sons mostly used pictures or relied on us to read the word tiles to brainstorm silly sentences.  The story that we ended up creating was fun and completely their own creation!  They love playing this game and the only downside I see is that there are SO MANY tiles!

The final story my kids came up with.  Charming, isn’t it?

As with the other games in the playPLAY line up, I love that it is a cooperative game where each child can display their own creativity and talents.  I liked that it could be adapted to help reinforce my daughter’s sentence building skills and could be used to actually TEACH them to my son.  

Finally, ColorPlay:

Skills: Color/Pattern recognition • Creativity & imagination • Matching & dexterity • Cooperation
Contents: 1 20” x 20” color-wheel mat, 24 double-sided color/pattern shapes, 24 Shape It cards, spinner, instructions for different ways to play. 

  This game was the favorite of my kiddos.  Not only is this game absolutely colorful and exciting, but there are MANY different ways to use the pieces in the game box to create completely different games!

  My kids loved connecting the pieces to fill up the color wheel mat like a bright puzzle!  They thought that was so fun.  I enjoyed that my 2 year old could easily play along, yet my 5 and 7 year olds were totally engaged as well.   They wanted to play all of the different games, so we did!

I loved that my kids were able to work cooperatively instead of competitively.  They all had a great time and ask to play this often.  In fact, my in-laws were here yesterday with the kids and when I got home, I saw the pieces out on our dining room table.  I guess they loved it so much, they wanted to share the experience with their grandparents!
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*While I was provided a complimentary copy of each game for the purpose of this review as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, all personal photos, opinions, thoughts, and ideas about these products are mine alone.

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