Paleo Challenge – Round 1 Starts May 1, 2013!

Since I completed The 21 Day Sugar Detox back in January, I have felt so much better about the paleo lifestyle.  I want to issue a challenge to anyone that is up for it!  From May 1 through May 31, 2013, I am going to go totally paleo in my way of eating.   If you’re in, please check out my Facebook Group to chat with others, or feel free to follow along in the comments and upcoming blog posts!

Paleo Kid Food

Paleo can please the whole family! This bacon-topped meatloaf, paired with fruit and veggies was a real hit with my little people.

What is Paleo?

The Paleo, or Paleolithic diet, is a diet where people have a goal to eat like our ancestors ate as hunter-gatherers long ago.  Now the actual science and history behind this is controversial, so I really am not basing my own diet on a caveman diet at all.  Essentially, Paleo is cutting out all grains, legumes (including peanuts), dairy, refined sweeteners, processed oils and most vegetable oils, juice, sodas, etc.  Processed, packaged foods are out!

So What Can I Eat on the Paleo Diet?

The best part of the Paleo diet (or lifestyle if you keep with it!) is the vast amount of food you do have to choose from.  Examples of foods you’ll find on the Paleo diet:

  • Vegetables (Fresh, Frozen, Canned)
  • Fruit
  • Meat (Your best bet is local, grass-fed, pasture-raised without all the bad stuff in them!)
  • Nuts (Except peanuts – those are actually legumes)
  • Eggs (Again, your best bet is local, grass-fed, and pasture raised.)
  • Seeds
  • Healthy fats (avocados, coconut oil, lard, coconut milk)
  • Flours such as almond flour or coconut flour
  • Beverages such as coconut juice (coconut water), herbal tea, and  kombucha

Why Bother Going Paleo at All??

I originally began eating in a new way because I wanted to lose some extra weight and to kick my addiction to carbs and sugar.  I would find myself needing my next fix within an hour of gobbling the stuff down.  Instead of just going low carb, I chose to turn to more healthy, wholesome foods and cutting out the processed junk that has been shown to cause inflammation, bloat, and a whole host of other problems.

Even if you have to do Poor Man’s Paleo, I feel like it is better to eat cheap eggs, cheap meat, and cheap produce if it means you are cutting out processed foods, flours, oils, and sugars.  Do what you can.  Everyone has to start somewhere!


I chose this for my long-term health.  This is a way of life, not a fad diet.  When I eat this way, I feel SO much better and the stubborn pounds started to melt off without any calorie counting (in fact, I get to eat a TON because there are no empty filler calories via carbs!) or any other restrictions besides the list of “no” foods.  Eat until you are full and fill up on good nutrition.

What about you?  

Are you interested in giving this a shot?  It’s just one month, and you can see how it makes you feel.

We’ll start May 1, 2013 and go until May 31st.  I will be sharing more ideas and tips with you as well.  For example – what do you need to do to prepare your home for this challenge?  I’ll address this tomorrow!

Join the Facebook group for some extra accountability!  Comment here and let me know you’re in this challenge and tell me why! 🙂

About Jenn L

Jenn lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and 5 children. The family likes to eat healthy and try new recipes. Jenn homeschools all of the kids. She is heavily involved with local bloggers and is slightly addicted to social media.


  1. I’ve been interested in the Paleo Diet for a bit now, but can never quite manage to bring myself to do it. I’ve got a lot of changes going on, and I might just have to through this one in there!
    Gwynne Montgomery recently posted…Start With You – Being the ChangeMy Profile

  2. You make it look so easy! We are taking baby steps to get there. So far we have fully switched to grass-fed, no antibiotic meats and taking out refined sugars. I guess next step would be processed oils and dairy (the thought of giving up dairy makes me want to cry) haha!
    Denise @ The Effortless Mom recently posted…SearsStyle Beach Essentials #ThisisStyle #cBiasMy Profile

  3. Thanks for all the info! Great inspiration, it might just trigger some changes in my meals for May. 🙂 I have so many friends who are currently on the fence of a Paleo Diet, I’ll share with them. 🙂

  4. My mother-in-law and her mother tried something like this and loved how it made them feel. I don’t think that I could do it. But that is just me and my lack of motivations when it comes to giving up foods I love {and pregnancy cravings}.
    Laura recently posted…Leaping Lizard Brew #CraftsForKidsMy Profile

  5. I have a few friends who are going Paleo. I’m not interested in taking the challenge, however, I do want to eat less processed foods, pasta and breads. I’m not ready to cut them out completely. Good luck to you and your followers with your journey! Showing support from UBC.
    Tamara Woods recently posted…T is for Tamara: a to z blogging challengeMy Profile

  6. I am so interested in trying this for the month of May! Looking forward to your post on how to get my kitchen ready. We have gotten to the point we have cut out so much junk in our lives and I feel like it’s time to pump up to the next level!
    Meg recently posted…Lego Soup.My Profile

  7. I always wondered what this diet was and what it was about. Sounds very interesting!! I have to change my diet due to my baby being colicky, this might help!
    Shop with Me Mama recently posted…The Sleekest Wallets Around!My Profile

  8. I am not paleo, but I have been processing my own foods myself. This cuts out all the additives, preservatives and food coloring found in most store bought food. I am able to buy more organic items and process them myself to make wonderful dishes. I feel better knowing I am not eating junk with chemicals in it to make it look good or taste better. I just want it natural as can be.
    Amy @ Pounds4Pennies recently posted…Getting Clean With Dial Kids Body Wash and GiveawayMy Profile

  9. I’ve thought about doing this, but I might die…and my husband couldn’t do it for sure so I’d be cooking for 3 different people probably for every meal. UGH! I need to hire a chef…
    Jana recently posted…SmarteRita: The 100 Calorie MargaritaMy Profile

  10. I think bacon on meatloaf would make a great sandwich if you use lettuce as bread!
    Heather Buen recently posted…Quick Tips on Upgrading Your Work Wardrobe for Success (for Less)My Profile

  11. I would love to do this but there is no way my family would go along with me. Not sure I have the willpower to do it while all the no foods are still in the house.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…Fun Sports ActivitiesMy Profile

  12. I started a similar diet this morning. We don’t eat processed foods anyway, so it won’t be too much different than our normal diet. And actually, I didn’t know there was even a name for these food until recently.

  13. I’m in. Nervous, but in. I’ve had a thousand reasons that I’ve been putting it off, but I just need to do it already.
    Tamara recently posted…Bedwetting – Tips for a Good NightMy Profile

  14. Good luck! I can’t wait to hear about the results. I know several bloggers who have gone Paleo and gotten great results as far as how they feel.
    Whitney @ It’s Gravy, Baby! recently posted…Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump ReviewMy Profile

  15. Good Luck! I joined the FB group I am on my last week of the Whole30. Loving it!


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