Medieval Times Dallas Commercial Filming

I’ve talked many times about loving that we live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area because of all of the opportunities available here.  This week has been no exception!  My friend, Dawn, told me about Medieval Times filming a new commercial, so I jumped on the chance to try and become involved.  I emailed to inquire, including some head shots of the family, and held my breath as we waited to see if we were selected.

Lucky for us, we got an email a week later letting us know that we were chosen.  The email told us what to wear, what to expect, and about the fun that we would be having during the filming times.   Even though it is hectic to keep our 1 year old busy, we decided to give it a shot anyway and take him.  Little did we know that would be the factor that turned a fun gig as extras into an exhausting game of Pass the Baby.  (Note: Ross and I are totally sore and tired from carrying and wrangling that little dude around!)


Medieval Times Commercial

They broke the filming up into several segments.  While we were waiting between assignments, we got to hang out and play on our electronics and eat snacks.  Grace even brought her Rainbow Loom and enjoyed playing on that.  My boys watched Minecraft videos on my Chromebook.  Charlie ran around like a mad-man and insisted on being held by my hubby the ENTIRE time.  That child!

I don’t think any of us were prepared for all of the stopping and starting during the duration of the shoot.  We did several takes throughout the filming.  It was neat to participate when they would yell, “Action!” and, “CUT!”  We also got some direction in a few scenes where we got to wander around walking along in the background while they were filming close ups on a few specific actors.  Maybe we will be in the next commercial, wandering around in front of a kid play-battling his dad or a little girl checking out the stables.  Watch for me, I’m in blue! 🙂

MedievalTimesDallasCommercialWhile we aren’t getting paid in cash, I will say that we were certainly paid in memories!  I have wanted to go to Medieval Times for at least 20 years now, and I was able to go for the very first time – and with my entire family.  My kids loved seeing the characters, the horses, and the fun props like the crowns, swords, and tiaras.  I loved all of the decorations, paintings, and tapestries everywhere, in addition to the main fun.  It is such a neat experience!

We will certainly be going back to Medieval Times Dallas sometime soon to see them put the show on for real (and to enjoy the delicious food!)  My husband is thinking about taking all of his buddies for a guys’ night out.  I’m thinking of going with my friends and their kids, along with mine, of course!

Have you ever been to Medieval Times?

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has 9 different castles throughout the United States and Canada.  It is an exciting, interactive show and meal that is enjoyable for the entire family.  If you have been, what do you think is the best part?


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  1. My family and I have never been to Medieval Times but after reading this, I have a feeling my two boys would LOVE IT and my husband for that matter! Thanks for sharing, we’ll definitely have to check it out!


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