Egglo Entertainment Review – Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter coming up, it’s a great time to think about fun Easter games.  I was fortunate to receive a review set of goodies from Egglo Entertainment a few weeks ago.  The main components I received were the signature Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs and the beautiful, colorful book entitled The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure.

Egglo Review
There are so many great products available, and I received a few extra goodies as noted below.  In addition to the Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs (A box of 12 for $11.99), and The Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure book ($12.99), there is a The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (audio book download) ($2.99), some really cute Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.29).  One resource I would definitely recommend purchasing for your own family, but especially if this is to be used with a larger church group is The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide ($14.99).
Egglo Review

So what exactly is Egglo?

These products provide a real, physical way for kids to learn and understand that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  The program is perfect for children ages 4-12, and could be adapted to be used with smaller groups or individual families.  Most of the information contained in the Program Guide has language geared at churches or children’s groups, but it is all customizable and can be tweaked to better suit smaller, or even larger, groups!  I feel that older kids would also enjoy the book and activities, especially if teens are involved with the set up and implementation of everything.  It’s a lot of fun!

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is a story that follows the characters Hardy, Anastasia, Pascal, and a their dog Zeke.  The kids end up going on an unexpected journey where an egg hunt leads them into more of a treasure hunt that goes around the world and across time barriers to reveal that the real treasure is Jesus.  They are guided from step to step with a Bible verse scroll and a scroll with a riddle as the next clue.  The book is full-color and has all of the makings of a new Easter classic!

The Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs are Easter eggs that really glow in the dark and can be filled with goodies such as stickers, the Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls.  They have a large cross on them.  Not only do they match the eggs in the story, but they provide a way for kids to experience seeking light in the darkness when used during a nighttime egg hunt either indoors or out.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide is a 60 page guide to using the book and the eggs to create a lasting experience.  It includes lesson plans, ideas about how to implement this into a family Easter event, tips of suggested related activities, ways to further the lessons, and more.  There are printables, and even coloring sheets accessible in this guide as well.

The Egglo Treasure Scripture Scrolls are another way to connect kids to the story, but also to the Word of God with verses that show them about Jesus being the Light.  They are the perfect size to stick into the Egglo eggs, as are the Bible Verse Scroll Stickers, Easter Egg Stickers, and the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Character Stickers that are sold on the Egglo Entertainment website.

The Egglo Kit contains all of the products mentioned above, as well as The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure on DVD.  It is currently on sale right now for $54.99 and is an all-inclusive package for a very special Easter experience!

How We Used the Program

First, we read the book together.  My kids clamored for the best seat so that they could feast their eyes on the colorful and interesting illustrations as I read to them.  My daughter tried to read ahead any time there were scrolls shown, but my sons just hinged on my words to find out what was happening in the book.

After we read the story, we discussed some of the Bible verses in the book.  I consulted the Program Guide ahead of time and had already used it as inspiration to set up a complimentary activity to help drill the Bible verses into their mind using balloons.  Kids love having solid ways to hide the word of God in their hearts, and they enjoyed unscrambling the words to scripture until it was correct!

I also printed out some coloring sheets from the Program Guide and allowed my kids to choose which one they wanted to color.  There were pages that depicted the kids in the story and there were also pictures of Jesus for them to choose from.  This was a fun way to relive the story and the message of the story in a fun, leisurely way while we waited for it to get dark!

Prior to that, I had set the Egglo eggs outside to soak up the sun so they’d be charged and ready to glow in the dark!  Once it was dark, I sent my kids upstairs to get ready for bed while I stuffed the now glowing eggs with goodies, including the Scripture Scrolls.  They were so excited to look for the Light in the darkness on this glow in the dark Easter egg hunt!

I think when I do this again, I will definitely make it even more fun by equipping the kids with glow sticks or bracelets and maybe some headlamp flashlights.  It would just add to the fun and would certainly build upon their memory of the experience for sure!

Egglo glow in the dark easter egg hunt

Once the kids found the eggs, they were eager to open them up.  We read each scripture aloud and discussed how they are important to us today and how they apply to us now.  This got the ball rolling, and my daughter started asking many questions about who wrote the Bible and when it was written.  I thought it was great that this opened up that dialogue for us!
Egglo Egglo glow in the dark easter egg hunt

What did we think?

I am definitely impressed.  The whole assortment of products really do work together to make a special and engaging learning activity that can be used for kids of many ages.  I love it any time I can do something with all of my kids.  Even my 23 month old enjoyed the egg hunt and the story!  (He wasn’t as great at the coloring, though. 🙂 )

We usually don’t “do” the whole Easter thing as far as eggs and such go, because it’s impossible for children to see how it is related to Jesus at all in the normal context.  This program shows them the representation of Jesus being the Light and keeps the focus on the reason for the holiday.

I would highly recommend this to folks involved with children’s ministry, whether it’s through small groups, children’s church, AWANA, Sunday school, or any other group that could use an awesome Easter activity that is NOT run of the mill!  There are multiple ways to use the story and related products, as outlined in the Program Guide.  They give so many great tips and ideas that it’s bound to be a hit!

This program is also great for individual families, and we found out with ours!  Your kiddos will get more one on one with the story and any other activities that you choose to do with your kids.  The best part?  This can be used and done over and over again.

My kids are already bugging me to do it again, but this time they are requesting candy in the eggs. 😉

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