Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks!

I’m 37 weeks and 1 day today.  I had a chiropractor visit that was pretty uneventful this morning.  Last Friday, I had a midwife appointment.  I love how laid-back they are!  They are CNMs, but really don’t give off the clinical vibe at all.

I guess since this is my 5th, everyone kind of understands that I know the drill. 😉  My appointments have been brief, and for that I am grateful!  After all, I’ve been taking all of the kiddos along.

Jenn 37 weeks pregnant JennsRAQ

37 weeks!

At my appointment, my blood pressure was 123/82, baby boy is still head down, and I’ve gained a total of 44.6 pounds since my pregnancy began.  This is actually pretty typical for me as I have gained between 42-50 during my others.  I’m hoping we don’t push it beyond that!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot more pressure, though he still is pretty high and not trying to really engage yet.  The little guy has been very active.

I’ve been getting up to pee at least 3-4 times a night and go around every 45 minutes during the day if I am standing up at all.  It’s sort of annoying at this point!

I’ve been taking probiotics daily for a while, and I’m thinking about eating 6 dates a day since a recent study suggests that it has a lot of benefits.  I love dates, so it sounds good to me. 😉

I finally printed out an updated birth plan and placed a copy in both vehicles, as well as the hospital bag that I packed a while back.  I also printed out a list of important phone numbers and addresses, like the hospital, my doula, the midwives, the chiropractor, etc.  I put one on my front door (inside, of course), and one in each vehicle.  I also shared a copy with my mom in case she needs it.

I’m starting to try and slow down some.  Last week, we had things EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This week, we have a few days off (yes!!!), so I’m relishing in it and allowing myself to be LAZY!

I have been taking naps when I can since my sleep at night is so awful.  It’s not helping that our 2 year old keeps ending up in our bedroom a few times a week.  He is the most uncomfortable person to sleep next to, as I think I’ve mentioned before, so I wake up exhausted.  I mean, I’m exhausted anyway from the constant peeing, but still.

We’ll see how the next few weeks go!  I’m hoping I get to go a little earlier.  So far, the earliest I’ve had a kid was 39 weeks, 6 days.  Yes, just one day before my due date.  sigh

Can you tell I’m hitting the DONE part of pregnancy?

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  1. I have been reading these updates in anticipation for this little boy’s arrival. It has been so interesting going through your weekly chronicling of your pregnancy – especially as a person who hasn’t had children.

    I am looking forward to keeping up on when he arrives. I wonder if he will end up arriving earlier than the others!
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