Baby Update: Week Two

Well, we’re completing our second full week of having Ethan in our family! Time is really flying, just like it did in week one, and it is making me super sad.

mommy and ethan

This week has pretty much just disappeared. We started right back into our normal schedule, for the most part. We had our weekly homeschool PE classes on Tuesday (karate, gymnastics, dance). Then on Thursday, I took Ethan with me to an evening blogger event. Yesterday, we did his weight check and second PKU test.  We’ve also been back to our regular homeschooling schedule, which the big kids have been dragging their feet to do.  They loved having last week off!

mommy and ethan homeschoolpe

Ethan is now above birth weight. Early LAST week, he had dipped down to 10lb8oz, but now he is up to 11lb4.4oz. My milk is definitely doing its thing and fattening him up.  I still think he looks like just a little guy.  Everyone comments on how huge he is, but his sweet little face!!!  I say he’s tiny, so there. 🙂

charlie and ethan

Ethan seriously sleeps almost all the time.  Last night was the longest he’s ever been awake continuously, which was around 2 1/2 hours.  Well, okay, not continuously.  He did accidentally nod off a few times for a minute or two.  I think he’s finally starting to notice things like lights and the TV and his siblings a bit more.  That said, it’s not hurting his sleep schedule at all.  He has been so good at sleeping during the night and napping during the day.

charlie making a face

Our sleep troubles have been coming from CHARLIE.  This little turd seems to think it’s a great idea to end up in our room every night.  Okay, maybe not every night.  Six nights out of the week.  I’ll give him credit for the ONE night I actually got to sleep the whole time.  He also had an entire day of peeing in his pants, so I’ve been making a concentrated effort to give him more attention throughout the day to help curb that.  I do NOT want to have to re-potty train this child!

two littles napping

I think that Charlie and Ethan are going to be little buddies, much like Heath and Charlie were in the early days.  Charlie is just loving being a big brother, even though he is obviously trying to figure out how to get practically all of the attention for himself still.

michael and ethan

The other big kids have been doing great.  They still want to take turns holding Ethan, and they are so cute coming up to him when his eyes are open.  “Hi, Ethan!” is a phrase that I hear a lot and it’s too adorable.  Each kid says it in a different way, and it warms my heart to see them trying to interact with their little baby brother.  Charlie just calls him “E” and is always really concerned when E is crying.

grace and ethan

I’ve been feeling pretty good.  TMI, but my postpartum bleeding has picked up a little bit over the past 2 days, so I know I need to try and take it easy a bit more.  Honestly, I feel like all I’m doing is eating and nursing and holding the baby.  I’ve talked with the big kids about letting me take it easy a little bit more while I heal, and they are totally fine with it and actually like taking care of some things themselves, like grabbing food from the fridge for meals or vacuuming up their crumbs in the living room.

heath and ethan

I am still working on the birth story.  I am still trying to decide which videos, if any, to include.  Doing things with two hands has been quite the task.  In fact, the only reason this blog post is getting done right now is because Charlie woke me up at 5:15AM and I was never able to go back to sleep.  I nursed Ethan and got up for the day.  There had better be a nap in my future.

ethan sleeping

And now, just because I need to share more pictures:

Ethan being little.

ethan being little

Ethan doing what he does best.

ethan nappingHis second favorite thing.

ethan nursing

Yes, he has eyes!

ethan awakeSleepy again.

ethan sleeping again

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