Hot Gift Idea for Kids: EzyRoller Classic

My oldest son is not really the outdoors type. Typically, I have to beg him to play outside. That honestly all changed the day he first discovered EzyRoller. We have been big fans of the EzyRoller for a few years now, and when we were given the opportunity to review one for our holiday gift guide reviews this year, I jumped at the chance!
ezyroller classic is an awesome holiday gift idea for kids JennsRAQ

EzyRoller is FUN!

My kids fight over the EzyRoller, it’s so fun!  We’ve had to educate the neighborhood kids about this awesome toy because they hadn’t seen one, but really wanted to try it.  Believe me, all of the kids on our block have tried it and seem to enjoy it almost as much as my own kiddos.

ezyroller is great for ages 4 to 14

When it’s too cold or rainy to play outside, I’ve caught my kids sneaking into the garage during the day to ride around in the empty spot where their daddy’s car is typically parked when he is home.  The EzyRoller is simple to learn to ride and provides hours of fun.

How Does it Work?

ezyroller classic is an awesome holiday gift idea for kids JennsRAQ

Riding is simple.  Your child simply sits in the seat, holds on to the handle bars at their sides, and places their feet on the bars int he front.  They then use the left to right motion to swivel around and propel themselves forward.  It takes a bit of practice, but is something that is easy to pick up quickly.

ezyroller classic riding toy for kids

Here is more information from the EzyRoller website:

The EzyRoller like similar toys in its category uses a locomotion principle called cambering motion. It uses a simple left/right movement (in our case created by the legs pushing on the moving front bar) to create an action/reaction very similar to the one used by snakes. If you were to look on the ground at the marks left by an EzyRoller it would look like a sinus curve.

EzyRoller is easy to learn to ride

Something I love about the EzyRoller is that it is adjustable.  It comes with the parts needed to extend it to fit kids from about ages 4-14, though the weight limit is actually 150 pounds.  This means that many teens and adults can join in the fun, too!

More Information

The EzyRoller is light-weight, doesn’t take up a ton of space, and is simple for kids of all ages.  It doesn’t require pedaling, and it keeps kids close to the ground.  This gives confidence to children that might be apprehensive about playing on other outdoor toys that could potentially make them fall.  For my son, this gives him the opportunity to get around without the fear of toppling over.  Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about airing up tires or sizing up once your child grows a little taller.

We were fortunate enough to try out the EzyRoller Classic, which retails for $99.  It comes in red, black, blue, pink, white, orange, and green.  I love the fact that it’s great for most ages of kids and comes with the hardware to extend it as your child grows or to make it smaller again if you’re passing it down to a younger sibling.  You can purchase your EzyRoller on their website, or locate a store to purchase locally.

There are other models available.  They have a Junior edition, which comes with handle bars.  They also have a Pro edition, which is made for taller folks and will hold up to 200 pounds.  They also have a Drifter model, which is for the EzyRoller ninjas that have mastered the classic and want to experience even smoother, more fluid movement.  Finally, they have heavy duty Education models, which are designed a bit tougher to withstand institutional use and those come in the junior model or in classic small, medium, or large sizes.

We love our EzyRoller, and I’m sure your children would love to receive this unique gift this holiday season!

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