Baby Update: Month 1

Whoops, I’m behind on my baby updates on Ethan!

Life has been hectic, understandably, with a 1 month old little guy in the house.  I have been feeling pretty good, and we’ve gotten back into our normal routines, for the most part.

Mommy and Ethan

Charlie has had speech class, the big 3 have had their homeschool activities, and we’ve been venturing out of the house to do things like grocery shop and go out to eat and play a few times.  I have been so tired of being cramped in the house, and we really have so much normal stuff to get accomplished.  It’s hard to try and stay home, but we mostly just hang out at home.

We’ve even recently done some bigger, fun activities like going the the Perot Museum and SEALIFE Aquarium Grapevine.  He looks just about the same at all of the activities.

Ethan Sleeping on the Job

I can be found holding Ethan about 90% (or maybe more) of his day and laying right next to him at night.  He doesn’t like his swing, he doesn’t like sleeping alone, and I’m finally getting around to asking my oldest if she wants to hold him so I can shower about every other day.  She *loves* it and asks to hold him all the time, so I try and take advantage of the hands-free break and take care of myself!  She likes to give him tummy time and is encouraging him to roll while I’m in there.

All of my cuties, hanging out with Ethan

Last week, Ethan had a runny nose and slight fever for 2 days.  He was congested, which made him feel yucky.  He mainly just slept and ate for the full two days.  This is the age that all of my kids seem to have gotten sick for the first time.  It’s probably because of Charlie.  He’s 2 and totally disgusting, so that would make sense.  Even though we wash hands constantly in this house, it doesn’t take much for Charlie to pick something up and share it.

I’m trying to find a way to get back in my groove with blogging.  It’s so hard not being able to use both hands.  Ethan cries most of the time when hubby holds him, and I understand that the little guy just wants his mommy.  He is a brand new little person, after all.  I may have to stick him in the carrier that I wear him in around town just to get some things done around here!

Ethan is adorable Mix

I’ll keep you guys posted on how things are going. 😉  You can keep up with us a bit better over on Instagram.  I feel badly that most of my pictures end of being of Ethan!


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