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My 5 year old has a late September birthday, so he is technically pre-kindergarten aged.  However, since we homeschool, I am having him work on math and reading at his ability level.  For reading, this puts him right at a kindergarten level and he is now learning to read.

With five kids, it is quite important for me to assign my kids work that is fun, engaging, and gives them some independence.  I can’t always be right there, so whatever program they use must also be instructional and easy to navigate.  This is where Rosetta Stone Kids Reading comes in!

rosetta stone kids reading program

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading is a program designed to help children aged 3-7 get a jump-start on their reading education by developing core literacy skills in an engaging and effective way that they’ll look forward to using.  Rosetta Stone partnered with literacy experts at Lexia Learning to create the Kids Reading Program.

Did you know that more than 47% of US children are reading below their grade level?  I’m a strong believer in setting a solid foundation early on, even if it takes a while.  That time investment is so worth it and essential to future success!  You want your child to thoroughly practice and understand all parts of the reading process while they are young and excited about it.  This program is one great way to ensure that it’s fun to learn and that the information sticks with them.

rosetta stone kids reading program game

Our Experience

My biggest challenge in teaching my son is time.  Many programs are book or flashcard-based.  I’ve even seen programs with CDs to listen to and lots of little books to keep up with.  With so many people needing my attention all day, including homeschooling a 2nd grader and a 4th grader, I have been seeking an easier solution.

My 5 year old loves working on the computer.  He picks things up easier and retains the information really well.  He’s a technology-savvy kid for sure!  I have no problem letting my kids do their schoolwork on a computer.  We all interact face to face most of the day, so the brief time spent on screens is reasonable.

rosetta stone kids reading

Heath has been using the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program for a few weeks now.  When I was setting up his profile, it allowed me to place him at the right level based on the skills he had already mastered.  I loved that part because it made the program easy to start, but not way below or above his current level.

He’s been working with the program from 15-30 minutes or so several times a week.  He was placed in level 4 (of 8) and just recentlyfinished that level.  When I asked what his favorite part of the program was, he said it was the spelling race game he unlocked at the end of Level 4.

spelling race rosetta stone kids reading

He hasn’t tired of it, which is huge for us!  That tells me that this award-winning program is engaging and age appropriate.  I’ve seen improvements in his reading of short stories and words as well since he started using it.

There are over 50 games and 600 activities in the program.  He has enjoyed all of the ones he’s tried so far.  I’m glad that he has unlimited access to them, so as he has mastered certain sections, he has been able to go back and play his favorite games again.

There is also an app for this program as well.  This means Rosetta Stone Kids Reading is compatible on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.  It is synced across devices in your child’s account, so it’s easy to work on it while you’re out and about and pick up where you left off at home.  We used this as a time filler while waiting at a doctor’s appointment last week.  He was thrilled to be on a screen, and I was excited that he was working on his reading.

There is a parent section as well.  In it, you can check your child’s progress.  This is done by telling you what level your child is on and the percentage of completion they are at.  You can also change the sound settings for the games, manage the account, manage profiles, and get more information.

rosetta stone kids reading parents corner

Are you interested in giving this a try with your 3-7 year old pre-reader or early reader?  Check out the free demo download of the first level of Rosetta Stone Kids Reading and see what you think!  I have a feeling that your family will see the benefit in this colorful and engaging reading program, too.

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