The Marvel Experience Tour in Dallas #MarvelExperience

The Marvel Experience is in Dallas right now, and my family of 7 was gifted some tickets to go check it out.  I wanted to share our experience with other families.

We chose to go in the early afternoon, during the week, to avoid a huge crowd.
The Marvel Experience Outside
Once we picked up our tickets, we immediately created our S.H.I.E.L.D. ID badges, which included creating accounts using a username, password, email address, etc.  While it was time consuming for six of us to complete, the kids loved being able to see their picture on their badge and to fill in the fun fields, such as species. (I was an Android, and Grace was a SuperHuman.)
The Marvel Experience SHIELD profiles
Once we entered the first of the seven Domes, we got to watch the first of many really impressive video that introduced us to the experience and let us know what we were in store to enjoy.  When I say video, I really mean something that is really closer to an IMAX experience, but with all of your favorite Marvel characters talking right to you!
The Marvel Experience Introduction
Once we got an idea of the story line for the Marvel Experience, which was completely unique and original to this, we were able to get our hands on some fun touch screen games, videos, and top secret files.  My kids enjoyed this part because there was so much to see right away.
The Marvel Experience Recovering Pieces
It was fun to be able to select which character to see more of, so we spent a lot of time here.  At times, it was difficult to hear what was being said because of the general volume level of the crowd, mixed in with the fact that several of these screens were playing things simultaneously.
The Marvel Experience Stolen Data
Once we were done in that area, we came upon the training exercises.  There were some really neat things to do that the kids loved.  This Avengers Encounter was a lot of fun.  The kids stood on the platforms and did specific movements that would summon whichever character they were wanting.

The Marvel Experience Avengers Encounter
All of my kids enjoyed trying out climbing a wall just like Spiderman.  They also completed an agility maze to be just like Black Widow.

The creativity of the great minds behind this experience blew us away.  They captured the attributes of each Marvel character so well and gave us the chance to try our hand at being like them.

Even if someone wasn’t a fan prior to coming to The Marvel Experience, there were so many interactive videos and experiences that it wouldn’t take long to become somewhat of an expert.
The Marvel Experience SHIELD Alerts
For those of us that were starving and thirsty by this point, the Energy Cafe was a sight for sore eyes.  They had snacks, meals, and drinks available for kids and grown ups alike.  They even had a popcorn souvenir bucket for $10 with free refills.
The Marvel Experience Energy Cafe
Once we were done with all of those activities, we went to the final part of the experience.  It was the most exciting of all and my kids loved it.  We got to be real S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents and try our hand at saving the world!

We got to stand alongside our heroes in a 3D adventure where there really was no front or back or up or down.  That was intense!

The final thing we got to do was a  4-D Motion ride.  Now I had baby Ethan in a carrier, so I sat in the front row, which does not move around.  Okay, so it shakes a little due to the movement going on in the seats behind it.

During this final phase, we *spoiler alert* saved the world and got to be FULL FLEDGED SHIELD AGENTS!  My kids loved this part the most.  They really wanted to do it again! 🙂

To end our visit, we walked through the gift shop.  With so many awesome super heroes, how can you really choose?
The Marvel Experience Tough Decisions
I even spotted this cute little shirt for all the Dallas Cowboys fans!
The Marvel Experience Cowboys Shirt

  • Bring $10 with you to park in Fair Park at Gate 11.
  • The Marvel Experience itself is indoors in seven Domes, but tickets and creating S.H.I.E.L.D badges/profiles, as well as restrooms, are located outside.
  • No strollers allowed! Be prepared.
  • Kids under 4 are free.
  • Visit during the week to avoid crowds.
  • If you must go on a weekend, go before 11AM or after 5PM.
  • There will be a lot of walking around and interacting with touch screens. There will also be lines to experience different features, so plan ahead.
  • Bring some hand sanitizer along.
  • The environment in many areas are close quarters, dark, and very loud. It might not be suitable for all Marvel fans if that is an issue.

The Marvel Experience is in Dallas through January 31, 2015.

If you or your kids are enthusiastic fans of Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Black Widow, you will have fun!

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