Ethan’s Top 5 Baby “Firsts” (and how to share yours!) #PampersFirsts

As of today, my sweet baby Ethan is already over 3 months old and amazing me more and more every day.  Pampers has asked me to celebrate his firsts and share them with you in this post (and through a fun party with my friends – more on that in a moment!).  I also have a great way for YOU to share your baby’s firsts with friends and family, so stay tuned!

Ethan may be my 5th child, but I still swoon over his every move and his acquisition of every new skill!  I’ve put together my top 5 “Firsts” that he’s achieved so far.

ethans top 5 baby firsts #pampersfirsts

Ethan’s Top Baby 5 Firsts

1. Gazing into my eyes – I was over the moon when he first started making eye contact with me on a regular basis.  What was the best, though, was when he started staring lovingly at me while he nursed.  It’s always a special time between the two of us, but for him to just stare up at me with sweet love in his eyes…..Oh it just melts me!
2. Smiling – This one almost goes hand in hand with the gazing into my eyes thing.  Sooner than I imagined, Ethan started smiling up at me.  He often has to unlatch while nursing just to stare and smile at me.  He loved to let out a sweet little squeal, too.  He smiles at everyone, but the best part is that his smile takes over his entire face.  He looks like a completely different kid in pictures of him with his mouth shut and staring at you versus pictures of him smiling.  SO.CUTE.
3. Cooing – He has the most delicious little coo.  He likes to coo after he’s eaten.  He makes up little words to say when he’s tired and trying to keep himself up.  He also loves to have little conversations with his daddy.
4. Laughing – Oh my goodness!  This child hasn’t laughed a whole lot, but when he has, it just melted me into a little puddle.  I can usually get him to laugh after he’s eaten, burped, and spit up everywhere.  He is so jovial and good-natured.  My little guy is SO happy.  His little laughs usually end up giving him the hiccups!
5. Sleeping Through the Night – I’ve got to say….I’m pretty lucky here.  He has never kept us up at night.  No, not even once.  Ethan has not slept through the night every night, though.  He cosleeps with us and does wake up a bit to nurse.  However, he only wakes up once on average to eat, which technically sticks him in the STTN category because he goes at least 6 hours without his beloved milkies.  It’s so refreshing to be able to get some sleep at night!  (If only I could convince my 2 year old to quit sneaking into my room and waking me up….)

Pampers Firsts Party

I was able to throw a really fun party and invite several of my mom friends.  We got to check out a sneak peek of the new Pampers Firsts video and it was so fun to hear their reactions to it.

Here was my reaction that I posted on Instagram!

There were several “AWWWW!” reactions, a few tears, and several stories of their favorite firsts followed.

PampersFirsts Party All About Pampers Swaddlers and All of Baby's Firsts #PampersFirsts

We each got a package of Pampers Swaddlers and wipes to take home as well.  I am so excited that Pampers Swaddlers now go up to size 6!  My babies are usually done with diapers by about size 4, but I have had friends that have been really bummed that their favorite diaper didn’t grow with their little one.  Now they don’t have to worry!

It was a blast to chit chat with other ladies who have been there and done that.  It’s easy to forget how to cherish all of those little firsts.  I even find myself forgetting just how quickly things happen.  Every now and then it just hits me that my little baby is growing up.  Soon he will be celebrating all sorts of new “firsts” – like sitting up, crawling, first words, and even walking!  I wish I could make time stop for just a little bit so I could spend a few extra days snuggling Ethan while he’s so little (and immobile).

About the Pampers “Firsts” Program

Pampers Logo #PampersFirsts

Pampers Swaddlers comforts and protects babies through their entire journey of amazing firsts as the #1 choice of hospitals in North America and the first diaper worn by millions of babies (including my last 2 “little” guys). Pampers knows there is nothing more joyful or rewarding than those sweet, precious first-time moments shared by little ones and their adoring families. In honor of this special journey, Pampers has released a compilation video entitled “Firsts” that highlights those wondrous “first” experiences together.

From the first time parents see their tiny baby belly bean on a sonogram to the first night home from the hospital, this Pampers “Firsts” video showcases precious, heart-felt moments babies and parents share together. Pampers recognizes that all of the first moments, no matter how big or how small, are moments to be cherished and celebrated. Pampers is honored to be a part of the journey of firsts for millions of families around the world every day.

Create Your Own Pampers Firsts Video

Beginning today, February 16th, you can create and share your own journey of Firsts at

The folks at Pampers have developed a site that will allow you to upload images of your baby from your computer or pick from your Facebook gallery and create a quick 15 second video to share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. The video you create will highlight the baby photos and all their first milestone moments.

About Pampers® Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Pampers Firsts #PampersFirsts

Did you know that Pampers Swaddlers are the #1 choice of hospitals in North America (based on sales data) and the first diaper worn by millions of babies?  I know this was true for my last 2 kiddos.  Of course, since they were born huge, they wore Size 1 instead of Newborn, but they were still Pampers Swaddlers!

Pampers Swaddlers diapers comfort and protect babies through their entire journey of firsts, helping to ensure their healthy, happy development.
Now Pampers Swaddlers are available through size 6.  They listened to moms who said they wanted the softness they knew and loved to be available throughout their diapering years.  Some kids end their journey at a size 3, and others need a size 6!  You just never know.

Pampers Swaddlers wraps your baby ‘s toosh and tummy with superior comfort, protection and blanket-like softness, helping to take care of them during all the precious first moments they share with their parents.

One feature I really like is the color changing wetness indicator that signals when baby may need to be changed.  This is fool proof for husbands as well.  Once you see that little strip change from yellow to bluish green, you know it’s time to grab a new diaper to help your baby freshen up.

Of course, if you aren’t able to get to it right away, they feature an Absorb Away Liner® to pull wetness and mess away from babies’ skin.  In fact, Pampers Swaddlers is the brand’s softest diaper and offers up to 12 hours of overnight protection.  Certainly if you’re lucky enough to have a child that sleeps for 12 hours, you get to appreciate that feature.  As for me, I can attest that they offer 6 hours of protection. That’s about as long as we’ve gone between diaper changes around here!  🙂

Do You Love Pampers Swaddlers?

Have you tried Pampers Swaddlers?  What do you think – do they help protect your baby or toddler better than the rest?  Check out this link to give a quick review of them!

Want to keep up with the latest from Pampers?  Visit the Pampers Swaddlers Website.  Don’t forget to follow Pampers on Twitter and Facebook and follow along with the discussion using the hashtag #PampersFirsts.

Thanks again to Pampers for sponsoring my party and this discussion!  It’s been awesome being able to talk about Ethan’s firsts with all of you. 🙂

Which of your baby’s firsts were your favorites?

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