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Many parents choose to homeschool for religious reasons.  In my area, this is often due to strong Christian faith and at least a perceived lack of strong values and morals at the local public or private schools.  Great Commission Films presents IndoctriNation, which I was able to review recently.  This film digs a bit deeper into this Christian dilemma.

Great Commission Films presents IndoctriNation movie

I recommend watching this DVD without your children around unless you have viewed it first.  Even then, it is really probably best viewed by teenagers and above due to the sensitive nature of topics discussed.  These include homosexuality, condom distribution, and persecution due to Christian faith.  I watched it after my children had gone to bed and it took me a few nights to get through all of it as the run time is just over an hour and a half.

There were scriptures interlaced in throughout.  They were used to help illustrate points being made in the movie, and did a great job at tying things together.  It is important to note that so many people homeschool to escape religious persecution in America, and many of them run a very faith-based homeschool.

After watching the film, my husband and I had a long discussion about what we had seen.  While our motivation to homeschool was not really faith-based, it was interesting to see it from that perspective.  The things that go on behind closed doors at the public schools, even the “good” ones, can be shocking and certainly alarming.

For example, “IndoctriNation” shows actual footage from a public school where children are essentially pressured into acceptance of homosexuality through a series of activities and discussions that are very one-sided.  Regardless of your own stance on this highly controversial topic, even within the Christian faith, I think most people would agree that giving just one side of the story is not fair or an accurate way to approach the subject.  Furthermore, it seems like the lengths taken by the parties participating in this particular discussion in the clips we saw were excessive and went over the line.

My family is a bit more liberal in our views, but even I felt uncomfortable at the way the people in the public school system were almost bullying children into agreeing with their strong beliefs.  I feel that school is an awesome place to explore new thoughts and even get out of your parents’ bubble a bit to open your mind to new ways of thinking, but the public school should not entirely replace a family’s moral or ethical belief system in such an absolute manner.

To see a glimpse of the film, check out this trailer:

The problems highlighted regarding the public school system in the film “IndoctriNation” were eye opening to be sure.  Homeschooling Conservative Christians will want to take notes and likely share this film with friends and family to further explain and defend their decision to homeschool in the first place.  The history of government funded schools is explored and the holes in the effectiveness of our current model are exposed.

People who have chosen to homeschool primarily for reasons besides faith will still learn quite a bit about what is, or is not, being taught in the public school system as a whole.  However, most of the film is directly addressing the decline of Christianity in America and is pointing blame at public schools.

IndoctriNation is available both as a digital download and as a DVD.  The DVD does include special bonus features and can be played in English and Spanish.  To find out more about the film and its creators, find them on FacebookTwitterVimeo, and YouTube.

IndoctriNation DVD Review

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