Patriotic Ice Cream Cones

If you’re looking for a last minute idea for your Fourth of July celebration, or you’re just feeling extra patriotic, give these adorable and easy ice cream cones a try.  Use your favorite kind of cone and favorite kind of sprinkles to add a little extra something to your next get together.

The kids will love to help make these patriotic ice cream cones!

Patriotic Ice Cream Cones make a quick and festive addition to your holiday festivities - As seen on

Patriotic Ice Cream Cones

While you’re shopping for your ingredients, be sure to grab at least enough cones for each person to have one.  I personally like to make extras because you never know when one might get destroyed (like my 3 year old loves to accidentally do…the toot!) or if a guest might sneak more than one dessert.

Ice cream cones (classic sugar cones, cake cones, waffle cones…whatever you like!)
1 package of vanilla almond bark
Sprinkles and colored sugar crystals in red, white, and blue

To Make:
1.   Melt 1/4 cup of vanilla almond bark in the microwave for 90 seconds and stir.
2.   Spoon the melted vanilla around the top of each ice cream cone and immediately cover with sprinkles.
3.   Let set for 20 minutes, fill with your ice cream of choice & enjoy!

NOTE: The almond bark cools pretty quickly and may start to harden and seem chunky.  You may have to reheat it if you have a lot of cones to decorate.  If you don’t, the sprinkles will not stick to the cone.

Patriotic Ice Cream Cones are easy and fun for any celebration - From

You can use this idea around other holidays as well, of course!  The possibilities are endless!  I’m envisioning black and orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, or red, white, and pink for Valentine’s Day.

You can even do this as part of a birthday party theme.  Just think about what colors represent your theme and be sure to use that color for the sprinkles or colored sugar.

With just a few cheap and simple ingredients, your party can really WOW your guests with these personalized little touches.

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