Build Your Library with FREE Books from Kellogg’s!

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With back to school time right around the corner, I love to think about ways I can build my family’s library.  Fortunately for me, Kellogg’s is offering the chance to get FREE books with the purchase of many of their products that we already love to buy.  SCORE!

Build Your Library with FREE Books from Kellogg's #Back2SchoolReady #Ad from

Build Your Library with FREE Books from Kellogg’s!

Step 1: Locate & purchase specially-marked products at your local Walmart store.

Participating products include your favorite delicious breakfast and snack time goodies such as Kellogg’s Apple Jacks, Nutri-Grain Strawberry Breakfast Bars, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, Cheez-It Original Crackers, and even 16-count packages of Pop-Tarts.  Yum!

Kellogg's Products Can Be Found In-Store at Special Displays #Back2SchoolReady #Ad

If you don’t happen to see the specially-marked display, no worries.  The products can be found in their normal location in the store and you’ll know they contain a code by their 1 Box = 1 Book packaging.

Kellogg's Products Can Be Found In-Store in regular aisles as well #Back2SchoolReady #Ad

Step 2: Enjoy your food & cut out the code.

My sons loved eating their Kellogg’s Froot Loops and Pop-Tarts.  They spent a little bomding time reading over the promotion’s details on the big cereal box. We usually do read a book or two around the table, especially in the morning while they’re enjoying their favorite Kellogg’s cereal.

Build Your Library with FREE Books from Kellogg's #Back2SchoolReady #Ad from Check Specially Marked Packages

My oldest son was eager to cut out the code when I mentioned that he would get to pick out a book for himself.  We homeschool, so I’m also going to count this as some fine motor skill scissor practice.  See how we’re multi-tasking it here?

Cutting out the codes are easy - Build Your Library with FREE Books from Kellogg's #Back2SchoolReady #Ad from Check Specially Marked Packages

Step 3: Visit the listed website and join Kellogg’s Family Rewards®

If you already have an account, you can skip this step and simply log in to get started.  If you’re new to the program like I was, signing up is easy.  Visit and click Enter Code Now.

Just visit and choose Enter Code Now to get started redeeming codes for FREE books #Back2SchoolReady #AdThen, just choose Join Now and fill out your contact information and the other questions they ask.  Then you’ll have your very own Kellogg’s Family Rewards membership and will be able to enter in your 16-Digit Code.

Signing up for Kellogg's Family Rewards is easy and then you can redeem your special codes for free books #Back2SchoolReady #Ad

Step 4: Redeem your code and check your email.

At the screen seen above, you can see where it asks for your code and where you purchased the product.  Hit submit and then check your email.

You’ll get a confirmation screen after you enter the code, and when you check your email, you should find a welcome email for the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program and an email containing the web address and steps to get your FREE Scholastic book.  There are over 80 full-length titles to choose from for beginning readers all the way up to teens.

Once your codes have been redeemed check your email for the next steps #Back2SchoolReady #Ad


Step 5: Register on the special Scholastic site and redeem the code from your email.  Choose from over 80 titles!

The email that you get with the Scholastic website will also give you a code that is specific to the Scholastic site.  You will follow the instructions in your email to go to that page, sign up (it’s just entering an email and password, so nothing strenuous!), enter the code they emailed you, and it will take you to the book selection page.

Going to the Scholastic site with your order code is easy and described in the email they send.  You are so close to your free book  #Back2SchoolReady #ad

My kids love silly books, so I knew I had to find something hilarious.  I wanted to grab an Ebook because my bookshelves are already stuffed to the brim.  The great thing about this program is that you can pick a physical book (shipped to you FREE), or an ebook.  I love choices, and I love FREE!

Choose to redeem your code for a free book or donate a book instead  #Back2SchoolReady #Ad

If you want, you can even DONATE a book with your code to the school of your choice.  They’ll even include a sweet little note to let the school know that it was you that chose to generously donate it.  Isn’t that cool?

The best part is picking the book your child wants to read Choose to redeem your code for a free book or donate a book instead  #Back2SchoolReady #Ad

My son picked “Attack of the Giant Hamster” to read.  No problem by me!  I am a huge advocate for encouraging kids to read by letting them choose things they enjoy.

Once I added it to my cart, I just had to check out and it was added to my virtual bookshelf!  As we finish off more of our cereals and other snacks, I’ll be redeeming even more codes.  My daughter will get to pick the next one.  I have a feeling my 5 year old will choose one of the books like “101 Hidden Animals” since he can’t get enough animal facts these days.

Program Details to Remember

You get 1 code for a free, full-length book for EACH Kellogg’s product that you purchase with the specially marked packaging.  Each person can redeem up to 30 codes and ALL codes must be entered by 3/31/16.

Not only are physical books and ebooks available, but there are even books offered in Spanish.  If you order a physical book for yourself or as a donation, it will be mailed free of charge and may take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  E-books cannot be donated.

In a hurry?  You can buy Kellogg’s products directly on and receive a free book from purchases made between 7/21/15 and 9/11/15. Check out Kellogg’s Back to School  for a list of all eligible items.  There are 3 ways you can upload your receipt: via text, via scanning into your computer, or using the Kellogg’s Family Reward app – only when you purchase online between 7/21/15 – 9/11/15.

You will need to redeem your code for a free Scholastic book within 14 days of purchase.

My kids are really enjoying their free book thanks to Kellogg's #Back2SchoolReady #Ad

Encourage your kids to choose books that inspire them!

So many titles are available that it’s possible to fill your family’s library (physical or virtual) with books of many different reading levels, genres, and subjects.  Take time out to read out loud to your kids, even if they’re older.  You’ll probably find that they love it no matter their age.

It’s great to make reading a fun and easy habit at home.  I’ve enjoyed watching my formerly struggling readers become awesome readers just because the right book was available at the right time.

My son has shocked me with his rapid improvement just by interesting hard books being available.  He saw one, chose it because of the character on the cover, and worked his way right through it.  He gained so much confidence and now loves to read.

Be sure to check out more books available via this Kellogg’s offer. I’d love to hear your favorite book that they are offering! Tweet me @JennsRAQ using hashtag #Back2SchoolReady with your favorite.

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