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Maternity clothing rental is an awesome idea, and I’m excited to share with you a new designer maternity clothing rental service called Bella Gravida.  That translates to Beautifully Pregnant in Italian and this service truly is revolutionizing how pregnant mamas look and feel during this special time.  Subscription services are hot for so many things these days (makeup, jewelry, food), so why not maternity wear?

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I’ve purchased maternity clothes for 5 pregnancies.  Yes, I purchased new or second-hand clothes for each of the pregnancies with each of my children.

Why?  They go out of style so fast – by the time I was pregnant with the next, my older ones were totally outdated.  Not only that, but since I purchased different clothes each time, I was on a budget and could only really get a small assortment of clothes, so they ended up getting pretty worn out by the end of my 9 (or 10) months of pregnancy.  It’s no surprise that 96% of pregnant or postpartum women found maternity clothes to be too expensive, low quality, or plain old BORING!

For a flat monthly fee, you can rent between 1-7 garments at a time.  Not only do they have maternity clothes for your pregnancy, but they also carry nursing outfits as well for your postpartum time.  You get free shipping and unlimited exchanges.

Want to look and feel amazing?  You can subscribe in your choice of their six categories: Classic, Modern Trendy, Romantic, Bohemian (my favorite!), Dramatic, and Southern Chic.

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There are no return deadlines.  Prices start as low as $39/month.  They even take care of the laundry!

There are dozen of different designers represented on this site – even Kate Middleton’s maternity line.  I wish this had been around during my pregnancies.  It would have saved me a ton of money and closet space.  I just love the idea of it!

Check out the Bella Gravida Facebook and Twitter pages to keep posted on their latest news.

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