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My 6 year old son is in kindergarten this year, and we’re really trying to help him to get a solid foundation in reading and writing.  In order to complete this review, we have been using a complimentary copy of the Reading Kingdom Online program from Reading Kingdom.

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Reading Kingdom teaches kids aged 4 and up to read and write with comprehension up to a 3rd grade level in just 12-18 months using their online program.  This online program can be used on any web-enabled devise through a browser.  It is meant to be used independently by the student.  There is a choice of using an on-screen keyboard, or your student can use your regular keyboard on your computer or device.

This would be great for not only early readers, but struggling readers as well.  The fun, colorful lessons and the brief amount of time it takes to do them gets results quickly.

My son is working on the basics of reading and writing in his regular language arts program.  We knew from our past reviews of Reading Kingdom that the program is a solid one.  It doesn’t just focus on phonics, yet it doesn’t just focus on sight words either.

My son works on this program 3-4 days a week.  The lessons are brief, and he knows to keep going or that he is done for the day just by following the little owl in his lesson.  It gently tells him to move to the next thing or that he’s done.
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Things I like about Reading Kingdom Online

  • Students are taught how to read and write using methods that ensure comprehension.
  • There are no gibberish sentences or phrases that won’t make sense to them.  The words, phrases, and sentences that are used are practical and make sense to a child in the appropriate age range for the program.
  • They are taught methodically, with familiar activities and sequences of work that they will quickly learn to complete.
  • The program begins with a placement test and adapts to each individual child’s needs.
  • Instructions and information are given out loud, so kids that learn better when they hear something are able to grasp the program easily.
  • When the student gets something incorrect, the program gently corrects them and helps them to be successful.  If they get the next attempt incorrect, it moves on to the next problem without making a big deal over their mistake.
  • The program continues to follow the child’s progress and moves them along at a pace that is individualized for that student.
  • There is a built in incentive program for the students where they earn point to unlock new things.
  • Parents can easily view their child’s progress and performance through the main dashboard.

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Reporting and Parent Tools

I like being able to see where my son is in the program.  When he initially took the placement test, I was pleased to see how well he did.  He breezed through the requirements for Letter Land, so he didn’t have to do that part of the program.  It really didn’t take him long to work through and master Seeing Sequences and move right on into the Reading/Writing Level 1.

As you can see from the screen above, there are many levels for students to work on through the program.  I clicked on Reading/Writing Level 1 and was then taken to the screen you can see below:

Reading Kingdom Progress READING WRITING as seen on JennsRAQ

I am able to see where he is on this portion of the program.  He is working on Book 1 and is having Excellent Performance.  I like that I can quickly see this at a glance.  So far, he has done well on everything and seems to be displaying the interest and maturity to do this program without a lot of encouragement from me – he just WANTS to do it!

I also receive a weekly progress update email that lets me know where Heath is in the program and how he is doing.  This is good for me, because I’m not the best about logging in to check on him.  I can stay up to date without logging in through glancing over the comprehensive emails.

Learn More About Reading Kingdom

To see an even more in-depth explanation for the Reading Kingdom program, check out this video below!  Jonathan Blank, CEO, explains.

Check out some sample lessons to see what you think!  You can also try a 30 day free trial.  Keep up with them on Facebook for some great tips and fun articles, too.

Want to read how Reading Kingdom has been working in other homeschool classrooms? Click on the banner below.

Reading Kingdom Review
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