Trim Healthy Mama Plan and Cookbook {Giveaway}

Have you been looking into the Trim Healthy Mama Plan?  Have you seen the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook?  It is all pretty exciting, and I’m amazed at how many women (and men) are using the methods to lose weight.  Not only that, but it’s a way of life.  Once you lose the weight, you can continue to eat the Trim Healthy Mama way and maintain your loss.

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I have something to admit.  My eating has gotten out of control recently.  I am about 5 pounds heavier than I was 2 months ago.  I got tired of counting calories to lose weight, which works beautifully by the way.  I just thought to myself, “Do I REALLY have to count calories for the rest of my life?”

I have decided to join a challenge, starting in the morning (October 4, 2015).  The challenge is to eat the Trim Healthy Mama way from October 4th-November 4th.  It’s a challenge that I *need* to make so I can enjoy my life and not obsess over calories all the time.

Starting out with THM

After I had Charlie (my 4th kiddo – now aged 3), I got down to my lowest adult weight ever just by going paleo, starting with the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

What I’ve come to realize, through reading the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, is that it is possible to eat healthy carbs AND enjoy those paleo-friendly foods and still lose weight.  Not only that, but you can enjoy all sorts of treats using the plan’s guidelines and the mouth-watering Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.

The recipes look so good, and we’ve liked everything I’ve tried so far.  This finally got me to attempt zucchini noodles (they call them Troodles) and I may even like them better than spaghetti squash.  YUM!

I purchased the original Trim Healthy Mama book from a friend over a year ago, so I was familiar with the plan, written by Pearl Barrett and her sister Serene Allison.  I pre-ordered the new books and thumbed through it before lending out my new plan book and my older, big book to a friend so she could check it out, too.

Win Trim Healthy Mama Books!

Would you like to win your own copy of BOTH the Trim Healthy Mama Plan AND Cookbook?  I’m going to give ONE winner *both* books.  You can even choose if you would prefer physical copies or Kindle editions.  It’s up to you if you win! 🙂

I am sponsoring this on my own.  I’d like to bless another mama with the tools to get started on this journey along with me.

Giveaway is open to United States residents ages 18 and up.  The giveaway will be open through 10/18/2015 at 11:59PM.  Just follow the instructions above to enter! 🙂  Good luck!!

About Jenn L

Jenn lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and 5 children. The family likes to eat healthy and try new recipes. Jenn homeschools all of the kids. She is heavily involved with local bloggers and is slightly addicted to social media.


  1. Kiley Jones says:

    I would love a copy of these. I’m trying to lose weight after having twins, but need a bf friendly plan. This looks like it would work.

  2. I heard about THM from my friends. After spending a day with a good friend the other day and getting to flip through her cookbook, I’m definitely having a harder time being patient for the funds to get my own. We ate THM recipes for my whole visit and I just felt so good…it was a relaxing and refreshing time. I was recently blessed with a copy of the original book and am looking forward to diving in once our newest baby arrives. Having the cookbook would make things 100x better and I wouldn’t mind having the new plan book to read through also.

    I hope you are as blessed as the winner of your contest. 🙂

  3. My sister gave me the book for Christmas 2 years ago

  4. I desperately need a source of THM recipes all in one place so that when I’m stuck on what to eat and I have no access to the internet I have no excuses.

  5. I’d love to win the new books! I am a momma of 10 and have been blessed by following THM online. My health (RA) has improved and my weight has gone down! I’d love to have all the recipes in one place and be able to have a plan to keep THM going in my life! I do have the original THM ebook.

  6. I heard about THM though a FB friend.

  7. Leza beecher says:

    Just would love to have those books. Having 11 children under age 19 got me to gain some unwanted weight. I need to get healthy back being able to keep up with my younger kids. Thank you in advence.

  8. Teresa Jacobs says:

    Would love to win! My goal is to ward off diabetes!

  9. I would like the new books to better understand the program and have all the great recipes

  10. I’d like to win so I can gift the books to someone who can’t afford to purchase them.

  11. Katherine O'B. says:

    I have six kids and finally got on plan about a month ago after dabbling for a while. Sorting out how to do this from the original book then pulling together recipes from the facebook pages has taken a while. I’m hoping to win the books so I can really do this well. I’m eager to share my pictures to inspire others just as other have done, which convinced me.

    God bless you!

    I’m a homeschool veteran. It’s year 18. Enjoy the littles!

  12. Hi,

    I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old. I would love to get a copy of both of the book to help me lose the baby weight and be the best mom I can be. I want to feel better and keep up with my boys.

  13. Heard about THM from a blog. Would love to win the books to bless someone with them.

  14. I heard about THM eating plan through two friends who have had success with it. I have not ordered the book(s) yet, so would love to win them. Thanks.

  15. I want to see the egg roll in a bowl recipe… Sounds delicious!
    Sarah M recently posted…Sport Armband for iPhone 6 (4.7) w/ Pink ReflectorMy Profile

  16. I want to get started on THM but can’t afford the books right now
    Sarah M recently posted…Sport Armband for iPhone 6 (4.7) w/ Pink ReflectorMy Profile

  17. Gretchen Hogie says:

    I was invited to a thm fb group by a friend and have been soaking up all the info I can from online resources. I am ready to dive into thm but I don’t have money for the books. I am a single mom to a 4 year old and was laid off from my job so money is really tight and have been struggling with depression and anxiety. I know that improving my health will improve my mental state and I am hopeful that trim healthy mama will help me be the best mama I can be 🙂

  18. I have the old book and cookbook, but would really like a set to give to a friend who really needs this plan but can’t afford the books!
    Rena (An Ordinary Housewife) recently posted…Tuesday Giveaway Link UpMy Profile

  19. Aaron Kerri Archie says:

    I am pumped and ready to really take off in this. Hoping I win ?

  20. Crystalfs123 says:

    This is exciting! I have purchased the books for myself a couple weeks ago and love the plan! I’m trying to share it with a friend who really needs it but is very skeptical. If I win, I will give these to her as a special surprise so we can do the program together and be accountability partners.

  21. I look forward to each of the recipes!!
    Ginger Marie recently posted…A Sports Bra for Every Size | GiveawayMy Profile

  22. I need a new lifestyle for myself and my family! I want to get my husband on board with this for his personal health. I have heard about this program mostly through FB!

  23. I heard about THM via facebook. I want to win so I can lose weight!

  24. April Kelly says:

    I would love to win these. Trying really hard to make healthy meals for my whole family. We need to make some big eating habit changes.

  25. I would love to be blessed with the plan book. If I were to win, I would pay it forward on the cookbook. I was looking up ways to lose weight with thyroid issues and found THM. I joined the Facebook group and haven’t looked back!
    Shaina Kyle-Stafford recently posted…What a day!My Profile

  26. I would love to win so I could bless my good friend with these books so she can try THM!

  27. I originally learned about thm through Above Rubies.

  28. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Ivy Richards says:

    I heard about THM from the Above Rubies magazine. And have wanted to get on board since then, but with out luck. Like you, I joined the THM-Challenge group and have been struggling through since Oct. 4th.

  30. Tonya/joystrength says:

    I heard about THm several years ago and have followed it lightly! Would love to have a book!!

  31. Jennifer S says:

    i would love to win these books to give to a friend who is struggling with health issues

  32. I would love the books! I can’t wait to explore your blog.

  33. Dawn Walton says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, enjoy your site!

  34. Sorry, hit publish before I was done. I need to get started on this journey because I am overweight and have high blood pressure and diabetes. I have been following thm on Facebook for quite a while and need to get on plan and get healthy! Thanks for this opportunity!
    Karen Kelly recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  35. Cynthia Payne says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  36. Karna Garner says:

    I can’t wait to be able to do many more recipes for my family then those I’ve been able to find

  37. Candi Day says:

    I would LOVE to win these books!! I am still solo confused how this works and I see such awesome results from everyone and I want the same great results!! Thank you so much for the chance 🙂

  38. I would love to win this because I know it would help my mom. She wants to lose weight but it’s so hard for her and she’s in menopause so that has brought extra weight too. I would love to surprise her with this awesome gift!

  39. Bertha Yoder says:

    Would love to win the book.

  40. My girlfriend has been following plan and is killing it, so I am ready to start. I need to lose about 60 lbs and I feel that this is my game changer.

  41. Nycole Gallagher says:

    I heard about THM from a friend and always wanted to try it but havent been able to afford the books.

  42. Amelia Maples says:

    I would really be blessed by this set!! Had Baby #4 in Feb and am struggling (still) to get back to prepregnancy weight!!

  43. I want to gift my pastor’s wife with the set as I can’t afford to buy her a set and she can’t either.

  44. I found you on the THM Facebook page. 🙂 I’d love to win the books. I do have the original book, so I’d regift the new THM book to allow another “Mama” to begin her journey to health. I have the cookbook on my Christmas list but would dearly love to have it before then. Thank you for being a blessing to the THM community.

  45. I was blessed by my husband’s aunt to get the old book. I would love to win the new books and pass on my old book to my mother in law who is wanting to lose some weight.

  46. AWESOME giveaway! What a sweet gesture!
    Jami recently posted…Arvazallia Fortifying Hair Mask – a reviewMy Profile

  47. I would love to win this cookbook for a friend who can’t afford to buy it right now.

  48. Pick me please 🙂

  49. I heard about THM from a friend, she never committed to it but I am trying! I’ve encouraged a few of my friends to join!!

  50. Lindsey Benson says:

    I love THM, and the community it has built for women. It has been transforming for my husband and myself. I would love these books because all of the sisters recipes are great, and I can’t wait to learn all of the new info in the new book.

  51. I am hoping and praying to win! I am trying to get started and can’t wait to try some of these recipes!! ?

  52. Melissa Conner says:

    I would love to win these. You are awesome 🙂

  53. Leah Eicher says:

    Would love to have the new books.

  54. Gabriela Ricardi says:

    I would love a copy!

  55. Courtney R says:

    I heard about Trim Healthy Mama from a friend. Excited to try it out!

  56. Laurie Landry says:

    I would love to win because there is a girl at work that is gluten intolerant and I would love to give them to her!

  57. I’d LOVE to have these books to give to my Mom. 🙂
    Lisa recently posted…Nutty Caramel Apples with Chocolate DrizzleMy Profile

  58. I would love to have the new books! I can’t seem to organize the recipes I get online.

  59. I’d love to win! I have followed thm and lost 30. Last year my brother-in-law past away and I’ve been on and off since then. I’ve regained about 12 pounds and desperately need to get back on track. All the photos of food made from the new cookbook look great and make me want to make them!

  60. I would love the books. I have been researching the method and sounds reasonable and a change that would last.

  61. Angelique Johnson says:

    Even if I don’t win, I’m looking foward to new recipes 🙂

  62. Rebekah Bagby says:

    We would love to have the books to change the way our family eats.

  63. Christine says:

    It would be awesome to win these. I am especially excited about the cookbook.

  64. Amanda brantley says:

    I heard about thm from a friend who was always posting food on Facebook.

  65. Karen Gammons says:

    I would love to win the cookbook. Cooking is my passion. That, combined with my love of THM, would make winning this book that much sweeter.

  66. I am putting in for the books for my sister in law and her husband. I just received my books today 🙂 her husband (my husband’s twin) had a heart attack a few weeks ago and they want to do the plan. I gave them my old book for now but she could really use the new ones. With the medical bills from his stay and procedures they don’t have anything extra.

  67. jeggers94 says:

    Just starting THM and borrowing the old book from a friend at church. How sweet of you to pay it forward and honor one special mama with these essential tools!

  68. Kelly Knapp says:

    I’d love to win so that I can find new recipes to try! I love THM!

  69. Stephanie Otis says:

    Thanks for the chance;). Just found your blog and I’m excited to explore!

  70. I really want to get started on THM 100% and start blogging about the journey.
    Kathy recently posted…GRADUATION THOUGHTSMy Profile

  71. magin gonzalez says:

    I have finally accepted the truth of who I am in Jesus and am no longer listening to the lies! I have been sugar free for one week and not cheated once!! I would love these books!! It will enable me to reach the goal God intended for my health!!

  72. Mercedez Longworth says:

    I would love to have these books. I heard about THM through my pastors wife. I was small all my life but not healthy and after having my son I gained 40 pounds. I would love to have these books to help me get back down to my prebaby weight and to do it healthy.

  73. I would love to win this so I could get started on my journey to great health!

  74. I was searching for information on essential oils when I came across a video on youtube. About the same time the doctor said I was pre-diabetic, started researching THM and am down 46lbs!

  75. Thanks for offering these books. I’ve lost 15# on this plan so far mostly from following FB, blogs and Pinterest. Would love to have the new books to continue this journey. Many pounds to go…

  76. Dianne Garzarelli says:

    ave a friend in church who is doing THM, and my sister lent me her book, but I would LOVE TO have my own copy you make notes, and really get things going! I have struggled with weight loss for years, and it’s time to do something about it.

  77. Heidi Lokey says:

    What a blessing winning these would be. I’ve been trying to learn what I can here and there from blogs and the facebook groups since I’m on a fixed income and have been saving up my pennies to get them. Would love to put that money into stuff from the THM store instead so that I can put the plan in action 100%. What an angel you are for sponsoring this!

  78. Hannah Hess says:

    Would love to win the books. Thanks for the giveaway

  79. Tangela Sutherland says:

    Thanks for a chance to win. I heard about THM from my cousin that has been doing it over a year.

  80. I would so love to win! You are very kind!

  81. I am really a newbie to THM….a turtle with Type 2, at that! I bought the original book and trying hard to understand the whole plan. Would love to have the Plan book and the new cookbook! My journey is just beginning and all the help I can get along the way I count as a blessing:)

  82. Hannah Hess says:

    I would love to win because money is tight and would love to get the new books.

  83. Mona Popejoy says:

    Have several friends on this new way of life and would love to have these terms to start me off on the right track.

  84. Would love to share simplified plan with a friend and try new recipes!

  85. Heather Colyer says:

    I became a Trim Healthy Mama earlier this year and lost about 25 pounds but lately, I’ve lost my momentum. I hoping to receive lots of inspiration from the new cookbook and to find some new recipes.

  86. Abby Walker says:

    I heard about THM through someone’s Facebook comment to a different mama lookIng for a sustainable way to lose weight. A few months later I heard some mamas talking about it in real life, and decided it was time to really give it a try.

  87. I need all the help I can get. Trying to get the whole family doing thm.

  88. Sandra Hingst says:

    I would love to win for my sister. She has been obese her entire life. I have seen the progress of other women on the facebook page and would love for her to try THM. She is not on facebook, so she cannot follow and see the comments/recipes/progress photos.

  89. I would love a set of these books as everyone is raving about this plan, and I so need to focus on my health!

  90. I would love to win these books! I have the older one and would love the new cookbook especially. I am on metformin right now and really think I could get on it after doing THM for awhile. I am in need a an overhaul!
    whitney recently posted…O for grace, to trust you more.My Profile

  91. Sara Whitworth says:

    Hello! I heard about THM from my mom. I was on plan partially while pregnant with my daughter and had a great pregnancy, but I’ve gotten off since she was born and I need to get back on track. The cookbook and new plan book would hopefully give me new motivation. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  92. I’d love to win do my family can jump into this plan. I’ve had 4 children and I am way overweight. I’ve been apart of the Facebook page for 2 years and trying to understand what I can from the page itself.
    Jennifer Ward recently posted…Nutty Caramel Apples with Chocolate DrizzleMy Profile

  93. Kristi Minter says:

    Winning would allow me to help save my health!

  94. Debra Green Kemp says:

    I would love to win these books to start my own new life journey! ?

  95. Thank you for this giveaway!

  96. Pamela Morris says:

    I would love a copy of these. What a sweet thing to do.

  97. Lena Ryherd says:

    Need help to lose weight and get bloodsugar under control.

  98. Stephanie Watkins says:

    I would love to win these books for me and my 16 year old daughters journey together.

  99. I would love to win these because the new recipes would not only benefit me but my whole family.

  100. What an awesome idea! I would love to win. I have followed THM on FB & am so inspired by what others have done! I am ready to make a change in my life. I need this!!

  101. I would love to have both books, i have the old one but would like the new. Winning would be easy on our tight budget! Heard about it through my mom!

  102. Just heard of THM and am very intrigued to try….but on a tight budget so haven’t ordered my own set yet. It would be such a blessing to win!!

  103. Ginger Pugh says:

    I have been wanting to get the new book since it has come out, have not had the total amount yet to purchase it. Saving it up to buy.

  104. Chrystal R says:

    I really need to get myself healthy.

  105. Thanks for doing the contest! So excited for a chance to win!

  106. Christin Newman says:

    I’d love to win. Having a baby in 6 weeks or so and I want to get myself in shape and healthier.

  107. Thank you for being such a generous mama! Mommie of 2 here. I would love to win the set. I have been wanting to get started with thm but with my husband loosing his job, money has been right.

  108. Jamie Clements says:

    I’d love to win these books because I need to get healthier for myself and my family. And at this time we cannot afford to but the books

  109. Leslie Hockaday says:

    I’m hoping to win this book because honestly I can’t afford anything outside of the nesessities right now! I’m tired of struggling not only financially but tired of all this weight as well.

  110. I heard about THM through a FB friend, saw all her progress pictures and they drew me in. I’d love to win the THM books.

  111. Praying I win!

  112. I pray I am the winner

  113. I’d love to win this drawing because I cannot find (nor can I truly afford) the new books! I am dying to get my hands on the new cookbook!!!! Meanwhile, I am plugging along with less exciting recipes – but still getting the job done! Thanks for this opportunity, btw!

  114. Laurel Bandy Pickens says:

    My friend Bonnie has lost 40+ lbs with THM and I’d love for my family to join her in that accomplishment.

  115. Priscilla says:

    I learned about THM from a friend who regularly posted about it on FB. When she did a one year post, she talked about how sustainable a plan it was for her and the benefits she’d seen. Honestly, this has been the only plan that I have been able to stick with and that I’ve actually lost weight with. I would love to get the books to add variety to my meals and to help me stay even more on plan.

  116. Thank you for the chance to win this set! I have the first book, but would love the new ones because I hear they are in a more understandable format, and I am a visual person so love to “see” pictures of recipes in cookbooks. Hopefully that will help me stay on track better!

  117. I desperately need to get back on plan. I had the original book and lost it in our toxic mold situation in our house. My family did THM about two years ago for a few months and loved it, but health problems distracted me from that commitment. I am so ready to begin again and lose this weight forever!

  118. Kristal W says:

    I heard about THM from a friend of mine a couple of years ago. She even gave me her copy of the book to review…but I had a new baby at the time, and no time to read the book during the week that I borrowed it! I have followed the facebook groups on/off since then, but now I’m ready. I NEED to make a change to my diet and eating habits. It is time to get healthy, for myself and my family. I would love to win the books so that I can begin making those changes soon!

  119. Tiffany quinn says:

    I NEED to Lose Over 100Lbs!

  120. Arlene Renee Hendrick says:

    I have heard wonderful testamonies about the new book and cookbook! I have been praying for a copy of each and I am excited for whomever you bless with these books as I am sure it will impact them and their families. Thank you for extending yourself in such a way! God bless!

  121. Looking forward to lots of new thm recipes!

  122. tracylsmith says:

    What a blessing doing a giveaway!

  123. I heard about thm from my mom. I would LOVE to have these books to help me on my journey!

  124. Carolyn Helmuth says:

    I would love to win this. I would love these book but can’t afford it right now.;)♡

  125. I want to see anything chocolate 🙂

  126. What a fabulous giveaway! I’d love to win these new books!

  127. I want to win because I really need to lose weight and I can’t afford the books.

  128. So grateful to have a chance at this giveaway! Thank you! Excited to try these new recipes!

  129. Dee Johnson says:

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway! I have the cookbook, but would love to win this. I would gift the new cookbook to someone. Thanks.

  130. I never win things and I know this is an incredibly far chance, but I have to try! 🙂 I am new to this and would LOVE to get these. A dear friend gifted me the original book as I couldn’t afford it. And won’t be able to get these either, but it’s always worth the hope! Thank you for being a blessing!

  131. Dee Johnson says:

    I would love to win these. I have the cookbook already and would gift the new one to someone. Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  132. So thankful I can enter this giveaway, thank you for offering it! My mom and I are trying to do this together, I would love to give her these books to encourage her!

  133. Gina Haapala says:

    I would love to have these books to get some new ideas and for motivation to keep on going!

  134. Very cool. I don’t do tweeter and don’t know what you food is but I did everything else. Would love to win

  135. ChrissyRenae says:

    My sister-in-covenant introduced me to THM aover a year ago. I’ve unfortunately gone away from it and want to get back on track. I was only able to afford the electronic version of the original book, and I’d love to have these to help get back on track.

  136. I’m needing a good kick in the pants to get back to THM! Since losing my weight with THM almost 2 years ago I”ve let things get out of control. Now I have to hit it without any dairy 🙁 so I’m needing inspriation!

  137. HELP!!

  138. Jennifer Beard says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! What a wonderful giveaway!

  139. emily quesenberry says:

    I had the ebook version before the kindle version and now the kindle won’t work either. I so need and want the THM books, a refresher on the info would be helpful and the new recipes look so good.

  140. Would love these books! If I won, it would make me feel like I had the support to do this. Thank you. God bless you.

  141. Would love to have those!