Easy DIY Fall Coffee Cup Gift

Are you looking for a quick little teacher’s gift or hostess gift for fall festivities and parties?  What about a cute little touch for the Thanksgiving meal that could even be personalized?  This is a unique gift for anyone who loves to celebrate Fall.
DIY Fall Coffee Cup Gift as seen on JennsRAQ.com
Fill this DIY Fall Coffee Cup Gift with coffee or tea, gift cards, hot cocoa or cider packets, candies, k cups, popcorn packets, or other treats.
Make one, or make a bunch!  It’s up to you.  Not only that, but it is quick and simple.
It’s also affordable.  You can usually find the embellishments and artificial foliage at a dollar store.  I even saw plain cardboard coffee cups at Dollar Tree the other day.  If yours doesn’t carry it, try these from Amazon (affiliate link).
Customize this however you’d like! If you want it to be stripes or polka dots or chevrons or fall leaves or whatever, go for it! 🙂  That’s what makes this so much fun.


  • disposable coffee cups (must be paper and cardboard, not styrofoam)
  • green craft paper (or whatever design/color you’d like)
  • white paper
  • black and white chevron washi tape
  • letter stamps and ink
  • an artificial fall leaf
  • an orange button
  • twine
  • green ric rac trim
  • hot glue gun
  • shredded paper
  • treats for inside the cup


Step 1. Wrap the green paper around the coffee cup, making lines with a pen or pencil where you need to cut the paper.
Step 2. Cut the green paper and attach it to the cup using the glue gun.
fall coffee cup add string with glue gun as seen on JennsRAQ.com
Step 3. Add twine to the bottom edge of the cup by wrapping it close together and using the glue gun to secure. Set this aside.
fall coffee cup in progress add the holder and leaf embellishment
Step  4.  Detach the end of the coffee sleeve, flip it over to the plain cardboard side, and lay it out flat.  Also attach your artificial fall leaf at this time, which will be the base for your circles and button embellishment in the next few steps.
Step 5.   Use the glue gun to add a line of ric rac around the bottom of the coffee sleeve, leaving about 1/2 inch of the sleeve showing.  Cut a series of two circles that get gradually bigger by 1/8 – 1/4 of an inch. Fist and smallest is orange, next biggest is a white. TIP: Use the orange button to gauge how big your first circle should be.
Step 6. Cover the largest circle with the chevron washi tape and trim edges. Use the second and smaller circle to trace one on the green paper and cut it out. apply ric rac trim around the bottom edge of the fall coffee mug
Step 7. Glue the green circle to the black circle and then the orange button in the center.  Glue it all on top of the artificial leaf.
use ink and stamps to add the word FALL to your coffee cup
Step 8: Using your ink and stamps, write the word “fall” in the center of the sleeve near the green ric rac line.
Step 9. Above the word “fall”, attach the leaf and then the emblem using a dab of glue
Step 10. Fill with shredded paper and treats!
DIY Fall Coffee Cup Gift as seen on JennsRAQ.com
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