Taming Diaper Rash with DESITIN

So I’m 5 kids into this parenting gig, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Diaper rashes are sure to crop up, and it is best to treat it as soon as you can.  Nothing is worse than watching your sweet little one suffer.  Luckily, there is DESITIN to tame the diaper rash quickly.

DESITIN Diaper Ointment #ChangeForTheBetter #Desitin #AD - JennsRAQ.com

Always keep some DESITIN Diaper Rash Cream on hand.  Diaper rash is a super common skin condition that can pop up often, especially during your child’s first 3 years.

Zinc oxide, which is the active ingredient in DESITIN, is a powerful skin protectant.  DESITIN® products create a protective barrier on the skin to help it heal without getting more irritated.

I like DESITIN Rapid Relief Cream.  It prevents friction from their little diapers, too, which helps their tush and other sensitive skin to stay healthy.

When your baby starts getting a little pink on their sensitive little skin, start treating it right away.  Just slather on some of the DESITIN diaper ointment and it will prevent wetness from aggravating the area and it will soothe the irritation.

I’ve had to deal with diaper rash on my kids in many sensitive areas, but don’t forget about redness around their diaper leg holes on their thighs.  Sometimes it rubs the wrong way and leaves their skin raw.DESITIN Diaper Ointment #ChangeForTheBetter #Desitin #AD - JennsRAQ.com

I’ve even used DESITIN on drool rash on my baby’s neck and on other minor skin irritations.  It is soothing, protecting, and healing.

I love how affordable it is, too!  If you want to save even more, there is a 25% off coupon for DESITIN, but not for long.  Just go to the Target Cartwheel App between now and 11/21 to get a bargain on this diaper rash treatment.

DESITIN Diaper Ointment #ChangeForTheBetter #Desitin #AD - JennsRAQ.com

Which DESITIN formula do you use to tame diaper rash?

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