NEW Bright Starts Toys for Babies and Toddlers

My little guy is 13 months old now, and he’s all about play time!  Check out these new toys for babies and toddlers from Bright Starts.  They’ll probably give your little ones a case of the giggles as they play with them.

As always, the opinions expressed in this post are mine alone, but I did receive the toys you see in the picture below to host my own League of Little Laughers Play Date from Bright Starts.

Bright Starts Baby and Toddler Toys for a League of Little Laughers as seen on

Our fun party pack was full of the most adorable Giggle-themed goodies designed for kids aged 6-36 months old.

We got a Spin & Giggle Puppy, which was immediately a guest favorite.  We also received a Learn & Giggle Fish, the Learn & Giggle Activity Station, a cute Giggables monkey, and a Bunch of Balls to use with our puppy toy or just on their own.  These range in price from $8-$40 (with some great sales happening right now!), which means there’s something to giggle about for every budget.

The babies loved playing with Bright Starts Spin and Giggle Puppy as seen on

The big hit of the party was the Spin & Giggle Puppy for sure!  It is so interactive and fun.  I was surprised at how easily the little one year olds figured it out.  You push the little blue button in the middle, and it starts some music and spinning.  There are different modes of play, so they stay entertained for a really long time.

I’m glad that we have the Bunch of Balls to use with this, because the more balls the babies put in the puppy toy, the more they liked it.  It amazed them when the balls would fly out!  They couldn’t stick those balls back in there fast enough to see it do it again.  It was adorable!

The Learn & Giggle Fish is shimmery and fun to play with as well.  Shapes, colors, numbers, and letters?  What a great educational toy to start your little one off on the right foot.  My 3 year old actually enjoyed this toy the most, so it isn’t just for little ones.

Bright Starts Learn and Giggle Fish toy as seen on

The largest toy we received, the Learn & Giggle Activity Station, had something for everyone.  Your child presses buttons in the little window panes to learn shapes, colors, numbers, phrases, cause and effect, and more.  The little toddlers LOVED the light up action, as well as the fun sounds and melodies.

Bright Starts Learn and Giggle Activity Station toy as seen on

There were even some surprises!  The little light switch flips back and forth, the sun spinner lights up, and pushing on the kitten’s paw does something fun in the fish bowl!  This toy is engaging, fun, and super interactive.

Bright Starts Learn and Giggle Activity Station toy as seen on

I gave the Giggables monkey to one of our lucky friends that came over for our Bright Starts playdate.  I’m sure it’ll make an awesome stocking stuffer or small gift.  They wobble across the floor, making silly sounds as they roll.  There are 6 different little animal Giggables to choose from, so there’s something for every baby or toddler.

We had so much fun with these Bright Starts toys.  They really did make the babies and toddlers wiggle and giggle as they tried each thing.  I can’t wait to wrap the Learn & Giggle Activity Station back up to gift to my 13 month old.  I’m also going to stuff his stocking with some of the Bunch of Balls.

Honestly, he’ll be just as delighted as he was when we opened the toys the first time! 😉  This is the only year when I can pull this kind of trick, so I’m taking advantage!

I highly recommend these toys for babies and preschoolers.  If you’re still thinking about what gift to get your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or other sweet little Under 3s in your life, be sure to check out Bright Starts for fun, educational, interactive options that won’t break to bank.

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