Date Night Tips and Printable Love Notes

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Date nights are crucial to a relationship.  It’s so easy to get in a rut and get all disconnected.  I have come up with a fun solution for this!  Check out my date night tips and printable love notes.

Date Night Tips and Printable Love Notes as seen on #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target AD

My husband and I have been married almost 14 years.  Through that time, we’ve had 5 kids and not enough date nights!  Now that our youngest is 1, we’re making an effort to spend more alone time together without any littles around.  We know how precious that time is, so I wanted to let y’all in on a little sneak peek of what date nights are like for us and how we keep them interesting.

5 Date Night Tips

1. Realize that some people require less date night prep than others.

Here is what my husband does to prep for date night.  Take notes.

Date Night according to my husband with Extra gum spearmint AD #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target

Yes, you see that there is a pair of pants, a sweater, a pair of shoes, deodorant, and Extra® Gum Spearmint.  That is all.

Now you can see some of the things I think about when I’m getting ready for date night.  See if you can spot a difference.

Date night prep according to me including some Extra gum AD #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target

This is just the beginning of what I think about and do for date night! Questions run through my head like, “Did I shave my legs? Does this lipstick match my dress? Are these earrings cute with my necklace? Did I double check that the babysitter is really coming?” As you can see, I don’t forget the gum, either.  My long time favorite is Extra® Gum Polar Ice®.

These pictures don’t lie.  Earlier in our relationship, I worried that since my husband was so laid back about date night, he didn’t care as much.  I’ve found that isn’t the case.  He appreciates the effort I put into getting myself ready.  He wants to look nice for me, but isn’t much of a primping kind of guy.  Every now and then, a tube of hair gel will come out, or he’ll wear a new button down shirt, but that’s his version of heavy date night prep.

I actually like having a reason to dress up, put makeup on, do my hair, and so on.  He loves it when I do take that extra time and suddenly I realize it’s all worth it!

2. Smell good for your significant other – including your breath!

I know, it’s just another thing to have to worry about, but really!  Spritz on some kind of cologne, perfume, body spray, something.  Please don’t forget to wear deodorant.  Oh, and for the love of Pete, be sure to have some gum on hand!

new Extra® 35-stick pack gum at Target AD #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target

We both love Extra® Gum Spearmint, and you can actually save 10% during February on new Extra® 35-stick pack with this Target Cartwheel coupon.  Have you seen these new packs?  They come in these cool recycled, durable cases so it’s perfect for sticking in your purse to share with your hot date.  Like they say, “Give Extra, Get Extra“.

3. Keep your screens off and focus on each other.

This is probably the hardest one these days.  Emails, Facebook notifications, the temptation of posting your food shots to Instagram – just don’t.  Make this special time about being with the person that you love.  Turn that phone off, or at least leave it in your purse or pocket for date night.

In fact, unless your date revolves around a movie or a special TV show that you want to watch together, keep the TV off, too.  It’s easy to mindlessly watch a show, but it’s a huge time suck and divides your attention.

One of the biggest compliments you can give to someone is showing them that just being with them is enough.

4. Brainstorm fun date ideas together.

Keep new date ideas flowing.  Even when you’re on a date, you can think of new and fun places to go to or foods to try.  Maybe you could take an art class together or check out the latest movie.  Perhaps there is a new art exhibit to see or a fun organization you can volunteer at together.

Think outside of the box.  Date nights don’t have to cost a dime.  On the other hand, sometimes it is okay to splurge!

Write down these ideas together and you’ll always have a great list of fun experiences to have with each other.

5. Keep the spark alive between date nights.

Be sure to let your love know that you are thinking about him or her!  Everyone wants to feel loved and needed, and letting somebody know is super simple.  It really is the thought that counts, so just do it already!  Check out my free printable I created to help you out.

Free Printable Love Notes

So you want to keep that spark alive, huh?  Perfect!  Check out my free printable love notes.  Print in color, OR you can print in black and white onto brightly colored paper or cardstock.  You can even get really fancy and use your favorite fancy-edged scissors to give it a fun look.

Date Night Printables are fun and keep the spark alive AD #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target

Either way, you’ll put a smile on someone’s face!  Just print them out and cut into the 4 separate love notes and use them as you want to.

I like to put a little something special on there to really make it pop, so I tape a piece of Extra® Gum Spearmint on them.  It gives him a sweet treat and keeps his breath nice and fresh as a bonus.  Since it’s the same gum we like to chew when we’re together on date night, I’d like to think it also makes him fondly remember past dates we’ve been on together.

I like to sneak a love note in my husband’s jean’s pocket.  He lays his jeans out the night before, so it’s easy to slip some positive affirmations or sweet sentiments in there.

Hidden Date Night Love Note Printable in his jeans AD #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target

It’s also fun to stick one on the mirror so he sees it first thing in the morning.

Hidden Date Night Love Note Printable on the mirror AD #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target

You can get creative with where to leave these!  I like to leave love notes in my husband’s car, either on the dash board or on his seat.  Tucking notes in his sock drawer is also sweet, because he’s usually drowsily feeling around in there in the morning, so a note is unexpected and puts a smile on his face.

Give Extra, Get Extra

It was easy to find the new Extra® 35-stick pack at the checkout line at Target.  Having 35 sticks of gum is amazing when you have a large family like I do.  Since each package has more gum than 2 regular packs, it lasts a good long while!

It is easy to split the gum if you need to.  I like to keep mine in my van.  Then, I just grab a few sticks to stow away in my purse or to tuck in with my gym stuff.

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Do you like to share gum with your hot date?

Be sure to check out more creative ideas on how to Give Extra, Get Extra.

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  1. Great tips! I love the printables. We’re in need of a date night soon, I think I’ll print these out and grab some Extra gum at Target today! #client