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My family and I love eating healthy, so when I was asked to review a share from a local organic produce co-op, I enthusiastically agreed.  The produce comes from Your Health Source Co-op and 99% of the items included in the half or full shares is organic.

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Your Health Source Co-op

Monica Brown and her husband, Jim, began taking the step towards a healthier lifestyle by eating foods that were fresh and organic.  They began feeding themselves and their 8 children more nourishing and natural fruits, vegetables, meats, and fresh flours and noticed a big difference in their health.  This family decided to share this path to wellness by beginning the Your Health Source Co-op so that others in the Dallas – Fort Worth area could benefit as well.

 Your Health Source Co-op Organic Produce Share in the Dallas Fort Worth area

How It Works

Initially, you’ll need to sign up to join the co-op.  There are locations all over the Dallas – Fort Worth area, which you can view on the group map.  Cities include Azle, Fort Worth, Keller, Denton, Dallas, Irving, Granbury, McKinney, Richardson, Weatherford, and more.  There are even some drop sites in Oklahoma!

It costs $25 a year to join, in addition to purchasing your basic share ($50), half share ($27), extra fruit share ($30), and/or extra veggie share ($16).  You can pay via Paypal, check, or money order.

You will not know what will be in your shares when you are paying and ordering.  That’s the fun in it!  You will be surprised with a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables that you might not have noticed at the store, and you can try some tasty new recipes to try them out.  All of their food is backed by a satisfaction guarantee – their high quality will surprise you!

Your Health Source Co-Op sorting and volunteering before pick up

Every other week, either on Tuesday or Saturday (depending on the delivery day for your closest location), fresh, organic produce is delivered to host homes throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth area.  Participants can arrive about 45 minutes to an hour before their designated pick up time to help sort the produce into shares and half shares as ordered by the participating families.

Your Health Source Co-Op sorting and volunteering before pick up time

Each full share will include 9-10 organic vegetables and 4-5 organic fruits per delivery.  Half shares receive half of that, naturally. 🙂  Each delivery will be different depending on what is in season and available, but the host family that I worked with said there are usually bananas and some kind of salad greens each time.

I was able to receive a complimentary full share for the purpose of this review, but I also wanted to add an extra fruit share since we go through fruit like crazy.  A few days before my pick up, I received an email with what would be in my regular full share and my extra fruit share.

Your Health Source Co-Op Full Share organic produce Co-Op for the Dallas Fort Worth area

In that email, it said I would receive the following:

Basic Share
Berry, Blueberry 6 oz
Apple, Cameo  6
Grapefruit, Rio Star  2
Pear, Bartlett  6
Beet, Gold 1 bunch
Broccolini,  1 bunch
Cabbage, Green  1
Carrot, w/ Top  1
Chard, Rainbow  1
Lettuce, Green Leaf  2
Pepper, Bell Red  .75 lb – 1 lb
Tomato, Roma  .75 lb – 1 lb
Yam, Sweet  2.75 lb – 3 lb

As you can see, that’s exactly what I got.  That’s a lot of produce!  For $50 and ALL organic, it’s also a good deal.

For an additional $30, I added this:
Extra Fruit Share
Berry, Blueberry two 6 oz pkgs
Apple, Cameo 9
Grapefruit, Rio Star 3
Pear, Bartlett  6

Extra fruit share Your Health Source Co-op Dallas Fort Worth

What did we think?

Everything was organic, and the taste has been incredible.  The apples are seriously the best I’ve ever had and are so crisp and juicy.  The blueberries were unusually sweet and ripe as well.  My kids were able to tell that there was something different about the produce just by tasting it.

That fruit share was eaten a quarter of the way through within an hour of getting home, no lie.  The kids have also happily eaten their salads made from the lettuce, sausage and cabbage made from the cabbage, and even gave the broccolini a try.  My favorite was being able to stuff the bell peppers to make low carb nachos for myself.  They were SO good!

My kids enjoyed being able to touch and see all of the different varieties of fruits and vegetables.  My daughter got on Yummly with me later that day to help look up recipes for the vegetables.  You can even follow along on the Your Health Source Blog or Facebook Page for more recipes and healthy living tips.

I want to JOIN!

No problem!  Head over to the Your Health Source Co-op page to join.

Still not sure?  Check out this awesome NEW MEMBER TRIAL PROMOTION, going on through the end of April:

Commit to buy three boxes

Option 1:  BEST VALUE$10 off each box = $30 savings, $120 prepay

Option 2:  $5 off each basic share = $15 savings, $45 each pick up, $135 total –  no prepay required

Both options enjoy 10% off up to three dry good orders through the end of April

Email for more information!

Click to download their flyer with Seven Key Reasons to Participate in Your Health Source Organic Produce Delivery.

Your Health Source Co-op is great for the whole family

It’s not JUST produce…

Okay, so the fruits and veggies are the star of the show, but Your Health Source also offers discounted snack bars, personal care items, cleaning items, oils, grains, butter, and more.  Members just need to email for an updated list of available dry goods.

I want to HOST!

Would you love to bring this awesome service to your own neighborhood?  They’re definitely looking to expand.  If you can find 15 neighbors also interested in joining, give Monica an email at and let her know.  Hosts can earn discounts on their own produce as well.

This would be perfect for a homeschooling family, seniors, or stay at home parents hoping to gain better health and help their own community have easy access to fresh, organic produce, too.

They even offer an office delivery service.  You get a dozen folks to all commit to ordering and they will deliver shares right to your place of business anywhere in the metroplex.  That’s the right kind of peer pressure, right?  The getting healthy kind! 🙂

What are some of YOUR healthy living goals right now?
Do you like to purchase and eat organic fruits, vegetables, and snacks?

About Jenn L

Jenn lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and 5 children. The family likes to eat healthy and try new recipes. Jenn homeschools all of the kids. She is heavily involved with local bloggers and is slightly addicted to social media.


  1. Lauren Bohart says:

    I love YHS co-op and have been a member for 7+ years. It’s so worth it! I love that they have 100% satisfaction guaranteed too. I’ve never felt awkward asking for replacements for quality issues and the Brown’s never question my judgment.

  2. Just want to say a big “thank you” and “wow! what a great article about the co-op!” This is our family business and we are thrilled to see Lauren’s comment above too! (thank you! Lauren) Eating healthy and staying on track with our health goals is near and dear to my momma hear. I hope to bring as many people along with us on this journey as possible!