Gummy Worm Slushy Punch

Kids love fun drinks, and this gummy worm slushy punch would be perfect for a playdate or a party!  It’s sure to please all of the kids with real gummy worms.  If you are throwing a spring or summer party, this one is especially fun because it combines the tasty slushy texture, a fruity taste, and a yummy gummy twist in there to make it even more exciting for kids to receive.

Gummy Worm Slushy Punch - Perfect for parties and playdates

Gummy Worm Slushy Punch

Perfect for parties and play dates, this recipe will yield 1 gallon.  The ingredients are commonly found, so they’re easy to pick up at the last minute for a special touch to any gathering.  If you leave out the gummy worms, this punch makes an impressive, and tasty, punch for things like baby showers or bridal parties.  You could even sneak in some alcohol if you wanted to make this for an adult gathering.  The possibilities are endless.

You Will Need:

One 12 oz can lemonade concentrate, thawed
One 12 oz can orange juice concentrate, thawed
8 cups water
Clear citrus soda beverage (Such as Sprite, 7Up Or Sierra Mist)
Gummy worms (sour ones are pictured!)

To Make:

1.  In a large pitcher or container, add both juice concentrates and 8 cups water. Mix well.
2.  Freeze mixture until it turns into a slushy consistency.
3.  Fill individual serving cups 3/4 with slushie mixture. Add 1/4 cup Sprite and stir slightly.
4.  Add gummy worms to mixture for a fun twist to this slushy punch.
5. Serve immediately and enjoy the delighted smiles of your guests!

Gummy Worm Slushy Punch - Perfect for parties and playdates for kids

It’s a colorful drink that is fun to consume for kids of all ages.  I’m sure any kinds of gummies would work.  Why not try it with some gummy dinosaurs or sharks or even classic bears instead?  So tasty and sweet!

What is your favorite spring or summer party beverage?

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