DoorDash Meal Delivery Comes to Fort Worth

Our family definitely goes out to eat pretty often, but with so many little kids in the family, we often grab it and bring it home.  That makes it hard to even consider some places, because I don’t want to have to drag everyone out of the vehicle and then buckle everyone back in just to try a place without a drive thru.  Luckily, DoorDash contacted me and asked if I’d like to try a complimentary meal to see what all the fuss was about.  I obviously accepted.

DoorDash Meal Delivery Comes to Fort Worth as seen on

You see, they’ve recently expanded into the Fort Worth and Arlington areas, to Southlake and Colleyville, and so many communities all around.  DoorDash has had a strong presence in Dallas for a year now, so they decided to expand their delivery area by 12 times to serve the rest of the metroplex!

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Ordering with DoorDash is Simple

They have a handy app for Android or Apple folks to use to order delicious meals straight from your device.  I chose to order on their website, though.  I was happy to see that there are several places to choose from in my area.

Ordering was super easy.  The hardest part was choosing which restaurant I wanted to get our dinner from.  At first, I chose a local cafe and started building my cart, but then I got sidetracked.

DoorDash lets you pick what kind of delicious food you would like delivered to you

Chinese food.  I started craving Chinese food.  I started over with a fresh cart and began to order all of my family’s favorite dishes from there instead.  I chose what time I wanted my meal to be delivered (it was a window of 30 minutes) and then added all of the yummy food.

Next, I was walked through the rest of the ordering process, such as my address and payment information.  In my area, they’re waiving the delivery fee right now, and you can choose exactly how much you want to tip your Dasher right on the checkout page.  You can also give any special instructions, instructions on what to do if they need to make substitutions, let them know if you need them to grab you some forks and napkins, or anything else you need to let them know about.

DoorDash Ordering is easy to track with live status updates

Once it gets closer to time for your order to be delivered, you can watch for real-time updates.  You can also get a phone number to contact your Dasher in case there is something super important you need to let them know at the last minute.

I even got a text when my food was picked up by my Dasher and when my dasher was a few minutes away from my house.

Relief for Busy Families

I hope they are able to expand to even more restaurants soon, because I could see using this service quite a bit if it means I can spend less time on the road with all of the kids going from this place to that.  This is also perfect for those days when I know I’ll be at the gym until just before my husband gets home from work.  Instead of slaving away at the stove the second I get home, sweaty and gross in my gym clothes, I can just preorder our meal and wait for it to be delivered in the pre-selected delivery window.DoorDash makes meal delivery a painless process for busy families

We like gathering around our kitchen table to eat meals together, and DoorDash makes it possible on hectic evenings or busy afternoons.

We loved when our Dasher, Owen, came to the door with our bags of food.  My husband had gotten stuck late at work that night, so I wouldn’t have been able to drag the kids out to go pick this up on our own.  DoorDash to the rescue, seriously!

It came piping hot and right on time.  Worth every penny.

DoorDash made it possible to eat my favorite Chinese food without dragging the kids in and out of the car

Don’t forget, save $5 on your first $15+ DoorDash order (for new customers in the DFW area) with code JENNSRAQ and enjoy having your favorite foods delivered!


About Jenn L

Jenn lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and 5 children. The family likes to eat healthy and try new recipes. Jenn homeschools all of the kids. She is heavily involved with local bloggers and is slightly addicted to social media.


  1. Kim Croisant says:

    That meal looks good Jen!!! DoorDash is pretty cool and easy to use…