Hanging on to Those Baby Days with Dreft

Last week, I was able to host an #Amazinghood party with several of my friends to talk about the ups and downs of motherhood and how we still hang on to those baby days.  Thank you to Dreft for sponsoring this post and my #Amazinghood party!

My Dreft Amazinghood Home Party was a fun way to share the new expanded Dreft product line with my friends

As a mother to many, it is really hard to let go of those baby days.  It seems like each subsequent child grows up faster than the one before them.  It goes by in the blink of an eye!  Fortunately, Dreft has a whole line of products that help to preserve that baby stage just a little bit longer, especially through the powerful memories that are triggered by scent.

Dreft is great for families of more than just babies - they now offer products for the whole family to use

As I was getting ready for my Amazinghood party, I couldn’t help but think about how many times I’ve talked with new moms or expecting moms about which products are going to be essential.  Baby registries focus on all of the wishlist items, but they don’t really prepare families for the basic, essential items that they’re going to need on a daily basis!

Have you every tried Dreft?  I’m assuming that if you are a mother, you’ve at least seen the soft pink lid on the bottle on the shelves while walking through the baby aisle.  You may have received it at a baby shower.  I remember getting a sample of Dreft laundry detergent in a New Mother package years ago.

Jenny is expecting her third child and will really be able to use all of these awesome Dreft laundry products

Jenny is expecting her third child and will really be able to use all of these awesome Dreft laundry products.

My friends and I were talking about those early days.  It’s hard to remember a time when our kids were teeny tiny and new, but it is impossible to forget about the messes they made.  I think just about every parent has had to deal with a terrifyingly dramatic blow out diaper or perhaps a projectile spit up.

How can something so small make such a crazy mess?  Obviously, you have to clean it up somehow, and Dreft is great at taking care of it so you can live your Amazinghood without stressing over those stains or the stench.

The smell is gentle, but memorable.  Any time I smell it, I think of tiny little pink baby toes, soft little baby hair, adorable onesies with funny sayings or frilly ruffles on them, and of ultrasoft baby blankets.  Now that my little one is growing up, I have been feeling a little blue about closing that chapter.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel like our family is complete, but to know that the whole baby stage is gone is still a little sad!

Dreft to the rescue!

Dreft believes that laundry shouldn’t be a dreaded chore.  That’s why they have products that put a little muscle in the laundry routine so you can enjoy your time with your littles while they are still little.  Plus, Dreft laundry products leave a long-lasting sweet baby scent to each load of laundry.

I was asked to throw a party with a few of my friends to talk about the #Amazinghood – you know, that crazy busy, messy stage of life that you love so much (but still need a nap yourself!).  I was able to hand out goody bags to my friends with some Dreft products, and they even sent a few goodies for me to keep as well.

Dreft has a full line of laundry products for the whole family

First, the Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Detergent.  This is what we’re all used to using, and with good reason.  It is hypoallergenic, has a light, recognizable scent, and does an awesome job of removing those stubborn stains that only babies seem to be able to produce.  It’s actually recommended by Pampers, and it can be used in any kind of washing machine.

Now Dreft has expanded their line to include more products to go beyond just the baby years.  I’m really excited about this!

They have Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby Detergent, which has your active little baby and toddler in mind.  It’s awesome at removing stains from all of their shenanigans indoors and out!  I can’t be the only one that has had to almost double our laundry volume due to newfound independence!

Just yesterday, I had to change my son’s shirt 3 times and shorts twice because he ended up getting into potting soil, smashed open a packet of ketchup, and tried to take a drink out of his brother’s chocolate milk bottle.  They’re curious!  They’re messy!  Now there’s a detergent just right for the mess.

Possibly the most exciting addition to their product line is the introduction of Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent booster.  These little crystals are wonderful!  You add them to the wash, any load at all, and they dissolve completely in even cold water.

What do they do, you might ask?  They leave a very lasting baby fresh scent on your clothes and compliment the Dreft detergents perfectly.  The freshness and scent can last 2 weeks for a comforting and memorable dressing experience for a long time.  This would be an awesome addition if you will be washing a homemade baby blanket or outfit before gifting or mailing it to a family with a new little one or one on the way.  Chances are, it will either start new memories for them or bring back memories from the familiar scent.

A little goes a long way.  It’s safe to use on all colors and fabrics and will whisk you away to your sweetest memories of your children as tiny, itty bitty new babies.  I’m telling you, scent is powerful!  I have been using my package of Dreft Blissfuls on loads of laundry for my older kids just so I can get a whiff throughout the day.  They’re still my babies, right?

Dreft is the number one recommended baby laundry detergent by pediatricians and dermatologists and has been around for 80 years

My neighbor, Vanessa, came by the party and she was so excited to get to try Dreft.  She is pregnant with her first child and is thrilled to get to wash her own little one’s clothes in this iconic product that basically represents all things baby.  She was seriously beaming when I gave her the goody bag, so I know she is ready to create some memories of her own.

More About Dreft

Dreft is the #1 recommended laundry detergent by pediatricians and dermatologists.  They’ve been around for over 80 years, providing products to families with precious little members to care for.

Be sure to try new Dreft Blissfuls - the best way to make any load of laundry smell sweetly with a baby fresh scent that lasts up to 2 weeks

Dreft is there to work as a special little helper so you’re able to focus more on living your life, living that Amazinghood, without having to worry about messes and stains on the growing pile of laundry.  As the saying goes, babies don’t keep!  Enjoy that time while you’ve got it.

Products from Dreft have been specially formulated to be tough on stains while still being gentle on the skin.  It removes 99% of outdoor mess and baby food stains.  It has a fresh baby scent, but is gentle and hypoallergenic on sensitive skin.

Which Dreft product are you most excited to use?


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