Hawaiian Falls for Family Fun

We were recently invited to Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke, Texas so we could share about our thoughts here on the blog.  Thanks, Hawaiian Falls!

Summer is the perfect time to go for a swim, lay out and soak in the sun, and to frolic around in the water.  Add in a ton of fun water slides, some tasty snacks (including Dole Whip!), tables with covered seating, and a huge playground to play on complete with a giant pineapple to soak you with water and you have – well, Hawaiian Falls!

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke for Family Fun - It feels so good to get soaked on a hot day

As you guys know, I’ve got 5 kids (and a child-at-heart husband) and everyone had a total blast when we visited last weekend.  What you see in the picture above is the heart of the water park.  Do you see all of those slides?  I was surprised to find out that my oldest 3 are all tall enough for all of these!

In fact, my 4 year old is tall enough for a good amount of them, too, and loved helping himself to finding them and waiting in line for his turn.  Lucky for him, the longer lines were for the rides he was too short for.  That matched his short attention span just fine!

There are even small slides for the littlest visitors to use.  My youngest son enjoyed walking up the steps to the baby slides, picking which lane to sit down and slide down on, and getting splashed with a small pool of water at the bottom.  The second he did it, he’d climb out and do it again.

Believe it or not, there is even more to do at Hawaiian Falls than to just play on the cool slides and in the playground structure.

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke for Family Fun - My whole family loved floating and swimming with the waves

My family loved playing in Breaker Bay, the wave pool.  It is shallow enough in many parts that we were able to hang out with my youngest and he had a total blast.

There are life vests available for kiddos that are not swimmers or might have a hard time when the waves are going.  We used them on my 1 and 4 year olds, and it made us all feel a lot more safe!  My 4 year old is a daredevil adventurer, so once he had that life jacket on, out into the deep end he went with a tube to hang on to.  He could have stayed there ALL day.

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke for Family Fun - Many Large Slides

There are several locations to visit!  We’ve gone to The Colony before, and now Roanoke.  I’d love to check them all out.

You can head to Hawaiian Falls in:

If you want to go at a discount, be sure to check out the Hawaiian Falls website for Special Deals.  You can also get a coupon from AdPages.

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke for Family Fun

Which part of Hawaiian Falls looks the most fun to you?

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