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My family has had the pleasure of being able to review CTCMath a few times now.  I was more than happy to look over this comprehensive math curriculum again with my 3 school-aged kids.

CTCMath Review
The CTCMath Homeschool Membership has gotten better and better over time.  It is an online math program designed for students from elementary school to middle school to high school.  You could use it as a standalone math curriculum or as a supplement.

There are diagnostic tests you can assign your student to take (short, standard, or comprehensive, depending on what you’re wanting), which I think would be great for people needing to provide “proof” of understanding certain concepts for portfolios.  It’s also great so that you can easily let your student skip something if you feel like it would just be redundant for them.

Unlike the last time we used the program, there is now an option to schedule tasks to your children.  The whole look of the program has gotten a facelift, too, as you can see from the screen shots I’m sharing here compared to those from last year and the year before.

Third Grade Screenshot of CTC Math Money

The website is divided by grade, then concept, and then individual subjects.  In the picture above, you can see how they have Money listed under Number Patterns and Algebra for 3rd Grade.  My son, Michael, completed this with ease.

The awesome thing about CTCMath is that it teaches using videos.  It shows the students the concept and gives examples which are worked out in real time for the students to see.  This helps them to learn to solve the problems and to also understand how they’re supposed to answer similar questions when asked later.

CTC Math 3rd Grade Number Patterns Video Lesson

If your child is more of a pencil and paper kind of kid, there is a printable lesson summary as well.  This can be printed, or simply viewed below where the video plays.

After the video students answer questions on CTC Math

Once your student has watched the video (or read the lesson summary), they then choose the Questions tab, where they are quizzed on the concepts that they’ve just been taught.  It tells you right away if you have gotten an answer correct or not.  I love this, because it is more helpful to know right away, especially if they’ve gotten it wrong.  WHen an answer is incorrect, it will walk you through how to get the correct answer.

CTC Math offers immediate and interactive grading

The parent dashboard is very comprehensive.  You can assign tasks to your students here and you can see how your students are doing in their work.  I just tell my kids to do 1-2 things per day.  They watch 2 videos and answer 2 sets of questions and then they are done.  I won’t let them get below an 80%.  They rarely do, because watching videos is their favorite way to learn!

CTC Math Parent Dashboard

I’m very pleased with this curriculum.  We use it more of a supplement, but it works extremely well this way because you can pick and choose specific subjects and lessons as needed.

My kids have enjoyed doing this program over the past few years and often ask if they can do it when we have light school days!

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