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It always seems like there are gaps in what my children are taught in their regular homeschool coursework and what they actually retain.  Every now and then, there’s a particular concept or subject that needs a little extra work or a fresh way of being taught.

So tell me, homeschool moms, have you heard of yet?  They offered us a Help Teaching Pro Subscription to try out with our family.  This gave us access to all of their online content.  

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}

Lessons has so much available.  They offer online lessons for ELA (English Language Arts) for grades Pre-K through 12th for everything from grammar to phonics to sentence structure to writing to reading strategies and more.  Language Arts Lessons available on

They also have online science lessons for grades 3 and up.  These cover a variety of topics from Chemistry to Astronomy to Earth Science to Biology and more.

Online lessons contain original content, embedded videos to further teach and enhance the lesson, links to related worksheets and lessons which can also be found on, and additional resources are listed as well.

Math lessons for grades Kindergarten through 11th grade are also available.  I did several of the kindergarten ones with my 4 year old since he loves and is gifted in math.  His favorite was the Counting By 10s lesson.  It also included some practice questions, so he got a little bit of computer/mouse practice in while doing that lesson.

I love the online lessons because they are brief and use easily available resources.  I love that they link to related lessons and worksheets, because that makes it easier to continue teaching on a topic once the student has that one down.  This was great for us with my 4 year old, because we got to kind of “go down a rabbit hole” with working on things because we’d work on one thing, click on a related link to work on another, and click on a link to work on another, and so on.  He’s so busy and active that it was nice not to have to flip around on the website to try and find it all; it was easy to navigate. Lessons which can be assigned

I liked doing the lessons with my 4 year old, and he liked how short they were.  The videos they chose to include were very engaging for him.  This was an excellent way to supplement some of the school work that he begs to do.  He wanted to do all of the worksheets he possibly could, and had a hard time when I told him that the worksheets on the website are not all for pre-k kids. 🙂


There’s a great feature on the Help Teaching website that is perfect for a homeschooling family that wants to test their student’s knowledge.  The Test Maker is simple to use.  You can create a test on whatever you want, and you can put in all your own questions or you can search and use questions that are already in their vast database.

I created a quick test for my kids about astronomy to go along with our current science program.  You can download the test, you can schedule it to be administered online and invite your students to take it, you can edit it, and you can print it.  There are so many ways to make this work.  It would be excellent for use by a co-op teacher as well, as the program even allows you to edit it to add instructions and completely modify the layout.

HelpTeaching Test Creation is super easy and totally customizable


There are some game making capabilities on Help Teaching.  I used the Word Search Generator to make one for my kids to find words related to the Roman Empire.  They also have a Bingo and a Word Bingo Generator as well.  I love that these can be customized. Word Search Generator


Tests & Worksheets

There are so many tests and worksheets available to print.  Most of the ones we printed and used were full color and a lot of fun to do.

Here’s a glimpse at some of what they offer in the fall/back to school worksheet section. Seasonal Worksheets games and tests

There are worksheets available on a ton of different subjects.  You can get worksheets for social studies, physical education, early education, science, language arts, study skills, math, and much more.  You can view it like that, by subject, or you are also able to browse them by grade level.

I love that there are worksheets, tests, and lessons available for my pre-k kid, 1st grader, 4th grader, and 6th grader!  This website is a good value for my family since I am able to use it with so many of them at once.

I like that it has the printable portion, but also has online components as well.  We’ll definitely be using this during the school year!

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Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
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