Pirate’s Booty Trail Mix (Great for Halloween!)

It seems like every year, I’m looking for new and different combinations of things to mix together to make the perfect salty and sweet trail mix.  This Pirate’s Booty Trail Mix totally hits the spot!  It has salty and sweet down to a science.  Bonus: You can use it to fill a glove and make precious little Halloween Hands to give out as a party favor or themed snack. Score!

Pirate's Booty Trail Mix - Perfect for Halloween

Pirate’s Booty Trail Mix

This recipe makes one little Halloween Hand or a generous-sized snack portion for a lucky kid or two.

You Will Need:

*1 ounce bag of Pirate’s Booty
*1-2 Tbsp yogurt-covered raisins
*1-2 Tbsp mixed nuts
*1/4 cup candy corn
Optional: 1 clear plastic food service glove (can be found in a huge multipack for a buck at Dollar Tree), a small piece of ribbon or twine, and some plastic Halloween rings for decoration

Pirate's Booty Trail Mix for Halloween or anytime

Simply mix all of your ingredients together, and you’ll have a totally delicious trail mix!

I love the combination of the nuts and the candy corn together, and it plays well with the familiar taste of the yogurt-covered raisins and the crunch of the Pirate’s Booty.

If there are allergies, feel free to remove the nuts from the mix.  We definitely want everyone to have some carefree fun, and this recipe is flexible.

Pirate's Booty Trail Mix - Perfect for Halloween. Simple and delicious

To make a fun little Halloween treat, simply fill a thin plastic food service glove with the trail mix.  It fits just about perfectly!  Tie it off with some twine or ribbon and decorate with some cute little Halloween rings.  This snack craft is super inexpensive, and quite tasty.  It’s a bit of a play off of my Dollar Tree Craft: Halloween Hands that I’ve featured before.

Pirate's Booty Trail Mix for Halloween or anytime and makes a yummy Halloween hand snack

Thank you to Pirate’s Booty for providing me with sample bags for my workshop at Pinner’s Conference.  I spoke about Snacks for Kids with 5 Ingredients or Less and had the ladies in my class make their own Halloween Hands using the Pirate’s Booty.  Everyone loved this quick and easy idea, which I developed as a way to use the samples in a timely way.

What are your favorite Halloween snacks?

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