The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury – Audio Collection Review

We love audio books, and holiday-themed stories are some of our favorites!  We were recently given Digital Downloads of The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury – Audio Collection, compliments of The Familyman.  They were nice enough to send us files for all 8 of the Christmas stories, rather than simply sending the six that usually come with the collection.  What a treat!

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews
I’ll admit, we love Christmas things all year, so listening to this holiday-themed audio book collection didn’t phase my kids a bit.  I was able to easily download these files to listen to as a family.  This time, we listened to them from my computer.  Next time, it wouldn’t be difficult to download the mp3s to my phone to play in our vehicle when it is closer to Christmas as we’re ready to give them another listen.

The 8 stories that we were given were all cute.  They were all like being read to by a patient and expressive family member, so it was easy to snuggle together and listen.

My favorite was The Secret of Snow Village.  Listening to this one was relaxing, and the story almost feels like you’re listening to the lead character’s day dream.  There is an air of mystery in this one.  Listeners follow Catherine in a village that is celebrating Christmas.  She meets a man who helps her, and reveals to her something that she already knew but had not really thought about.  He reminds her of the real meaning of Christmas.

My kids liked It’s Called Christmas.  This one has Nook as the lead character, and he’s from 300 years in the future.  My kids were all into that right away, so they were hooked to the story.  The story acts as a sort of eye opener for people of the past from someone in the future.  It’s almost like a cautionary tale for kids listening to it.  It reminds kids about the importance of Jesus in Christmas, and how it is necessary to remember and share this message with others before He gets erased completely around the holidays!

Gladys Remembers Christmas introduces us to Gladys, a grown adult who absolutely hated Christmas.  She had lost her mother, and it made her very sad.  She didn’t like Christmas because everyone else seemed happy, and she wasn’t.  This story tells about the love that Jesus has for us.  It shows us how He can turn a sad or hopeless situation into a joyful one.

Another cute one was the first book from the collection, Cootie Mckay’s Nativity.  This one is set in 1956 and talks about the year that the town almost didn’t have Christmas, except for Cootie Mckay saving it!  As you see from the very beginning of the story, he was the most unlikely character that you’d expect to save this holiday, but as the story unfolds, you become endeared to him.  It’s very sweet and ends with a very powerful message to ponder.

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews
I loved that the stories were all wholesome and free of anything questionable.  There were no bad words, dicey characters, and nothing to censor in any way.  After listening to all 8 of these stories, I feel that I can definitely trust The Familyman to produce only the most upstanding products that teach good morals and character.  I am already looking into their Easter story downloads for more good, clean family entertainment.

I liked that each story empowered children to make a lasting and big difference in the lives of others.  Each story encouraged children to remember Jesus and to share that with other people so that the true meaning of Christmas will never be forgotten.  What a powerful call to action for our youngsters.

Other families had a chance to listen to this charming Christmas stories audio book collection as well.  See what they thought by clicking on the banner below:

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews

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