Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Breaks

The kids are out of school and you’re left trying to figure out what to do to keep them busy.  Okay, don’t panic.  Try these ultra simple, totally FUN activities to keep kids busy during holiday breaks.

Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday BreaksIf you happen to be fortunate enough to be “stuck” at home with your kiddos during these holiday breaks, I’m sure you are having a bit of a crazy time trying to keep everyone happy.  It’s hard to please everybody, but there are so many fun ways to hang out without having to pull your hair out.

These ideas apply to homeschooling families, too!  I know that we take many days off during the year to just recharge and let off some steam.  We want to be together but not focus on school for a day or two (or three).  It happens!

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Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Breaks

School’s out for holiday break! It’s the time of year kids look forward to the most, besides summer. As for parents, if you’re lucky and have some time off too, then you’re looking forward to just relaxing and taking a break from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unfortunately when it comes to your kids, the fun only lasts so long, and that’s when the balance is broken. You begin hearing the, “I’m bored” and, “Can we do something?”  Have no fear, here are a few easy and fun activities for kids during Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, or other holiday breaks that will keep everyone happy.

Game Time

No, this isn’t the most original idea, but trust me when I say that a holiday break is the perfect time to get into some good old fashioned board games. It’s a great idea to do on one of those days you just feel like staying inside and keeping warm, but still want something fun to do. It’ll keep your kids, as well as yourself, entertained for hours. Let each family member take a turn choosing their favorite game and then begin.  You can even set up full-on tournaments.  This is a great option, because it applies to all ages.  Some libraries even lend out games, so you can play a variety of things without breaking the bank.


Kids almost always want to help out in the kitchen.  Really, it can be a hassle because you worry about their safety and have to keep a close eye on them.  Sometimes it’s just stressful. Holiday break is perfect to give your kids the chance to bake and be creative in the kitchen.  It can begin a special tradition for your family.  Of course you’ll still have to help keep an eye on them, but you can take your time together and create something that you’ve never tried before. You can also make it simple by pre-making the cookie dough or whatever it is that they want to bake or even making something from a box mix.  The key here is to spend some time together creating great memories and hopefully eating some delicious treats.

Create a Terrarium

Here is a creative idea.  Crafts are always fun for kids. Making a terrarium isn’t only a fun craft that lets your kids get dirty, but it can also teach them a little about horticulture. You’ll need to gather up some supplies to make a terrarium.  It doesn’t have to be a big one, as you can choose whatever size you think is reasonable. Once you’re done, terrariums make great home decor.  Why not jazz your terrarium up with some holiday decorations to make it a seasonal decoration?  They even make good gifts.

Movie Marathon

Watching movies is one of those activities that doesn’t require going out. You can stay home to relax and not worry about the weather.  You just have to look around on your television, DVD or Blu-Ray collection, Netflix, or any of your digital media accounts like Google Play and pick out a bunch of your favorite movies or new movies that you’ve been wanting to see. Don’t forget to treat everyone to special snacks and hot cocoa! The best part about this one is you can go ALL DAY with a movie marathon if you have enough movies.  What a treat!

These are just a few simple and fun activities for kids during their holiday break from school that will, for the most part, allow you to relax and keep them from being completely bored out of their minds. Not only that, these activities can be great for bonding.  Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas breaks are really the times of the year to spend with family, so why not have some fun together?

Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Breaks - Board Games

What are your favorite ideas for fun activities for kids during holiday break? Please share in the comments!

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  1. My 3 year old very recently became interested in games and movies, and I couldn’t be happier! Love this! Being stuck in the with kids is the best. 🙂

  2. Even in holidays, kids must also learn. They must enjoy their break and have fun with family.
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