Luvs #WhatULuv Party Fun

It’s so nice to have the opportunity to celebrate the little ones in our lives, and I was recently able to do just that!  I’m pleased to share this post with you, which has been graciously sponsored by Luvs.

Luvs #WhatULuv Party Fun

When I was asked to host a #WhatULuv party to celebrate what I Luv with who I Luv, I jumped at the chance.  You may have seen me over on Instagram prepping for my party.

The sweet friends that came brought their brand new little babies for me to ooh and ahh over.  I, of course, had my sweet little guy there who was in his very last week of being a one year old.

We were able to talk about the differences between our younger babies and our older children.  We talked about how it’s different raising them versus what we did as brand new moms.  Why did we think we knew so much when we clearly didn’t have a clue?Luvs #WhatULuv Party Baby Attendee was as cute as can be

One thing we all had in common was that we mutually agreed that it’s important to live and learn.  Each child has made us a different parent.  I don’t know that we’re necessarily better or that our kids will turn out differently than their older siblings, but the younger ones will get to grow up with an older and wiser mom than the big kids had.

On the other hand, I feel like I had a little more pep in my step back in the day when my first one was little.  I guess it’s a trade off!

My kids were really excited for the Luvs #WhatULuv party

We also talked about how different our husbands are with our kids than we are with them.  What is it about throwing babies 16 feet in the air that is so appealing to dads?  Over the years, I’ve learned to turn away and just pray really hard that no one gets hurt.  That seems to help ease the anxiety enough so I can actually hear those delicious baby giggles when they’re gleeful about being tossed about with what appears to be reckless abandon.

Being a mom is NOT for wimps, that’s for sure!  It can be so difficult, yet SO incredibly worth it.  I look at my life and I can’t imagine what it would be like without all of my little cuties in it.  Through the past 12 years of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babies, toddlers, now all the way up to tweens, it’s been a wild ride.

I asked the moms to tell me #WhatULuv to do with their little ones.  I got all sorts of answers.  A few crowd favorites were reading stories together, watching their babies sleep (does that count as doing something with them?), singing songs, playing at the park, and giving hugs and kisses.  Tickle fights were also mentioned.

 Luvs #Whatuluv party was a success

What Do ALL Babies Seem to LUV?

We had a chance to gab about things our little ones LUV right now.  My big (little) dude is really into cartoons, playing make believe, saying NO while either wagging or pointing his finger at me, and making stinky toddler diapers.  Thank goodness for diapers that fit well and don’t break the bank, right?

My friends’ babies LUV sleeping, eating, and – yes – pooping.  My gal pals are nursing their little ones, so the mess that comes out of them can be pretty substantial.  I remember when my first child was a baby and she totally projectile pooped all over the place mid-diaper change.  It went behind a bookshelf (that was a fun surprise months later when we moved), on the walls, all over me, and all over the changing table. YIKES!

We had adorable little babies come to our #WhatULuv party

Clearly, ultra-leakage protection is a must.  Fortunately new Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™ are soft and super absorbent, with big, refastenable stretch tabs.  The diaper has the perfect contoured shape and stays put, nice and snug. Luvs makes sure its diapers can do their job at an affordable price. They even have a money-back guarantee!

Luvs are easy to find just about anywhere that baby care products are sold. They come in sizes newborn, all the way up to size 6.  I’ve found that they hold up well to heavy wetting older babies and toddlers, even at night.  Three cheers for less bedding laundry to do!

LUVS diapers come in sizes newborn to 6

More About Luvs Diapers

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We had fun at our #WhatULuv party for Luvs Diapers with Night Lock Plus

It was nice getting together with other mom friends to talk about what our kids like and what we enjoy about being a mother.  I really should do this more often, because it’s always fun to share snacks and laughs!  Our kids had a blast playing while we talked.  The little babies seriously slept most of the time.  It almost makes me miss having a little one that quiet and precious and little.  Almost.

Tell me #WhatULuv in the comments below!

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