Strider Balance Bikes Make Great Gifts (GIVEAWAY!!)

Getting outside and exercising are important to helping to keep kids healthy and active.  Thanks to Strider Balance Bikes, who sent us a bright green Strider 12 Sport, my toddler and preschooler are learning how to ride a balance bike and gain confidence on two wheels!

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At first glance, Strider Balance Bikes look like a bicycle.  Look a little closer and you’ll see that it has no pedals!  There are many ways that Strider is different than tricycles or bikes with training wheels.

The first thing that impressed me about our Strider 12 Sport was that the seat height is adjustable and that process is simple using no tools!    The handlebar height is easily adjustable, too.  We changed the settings to accommodate our 2 year old and our 4 year old in just a few seconds.

The tires are puncture proof.  YES!!  Finally!  They don’t require maintenance.  It has a steel frame and is perfect for kids aged 18 months – 5 years old.  The balance bike is also less than 7 pounds.  That’s the perfect weight for using with little kids, especially when they’re just learning and prone to minor crashes like my little guys.

Strider Balance Bikes Make Great Gifts - As seen on

We’ve used tiny bikes with training wheels before.  They’ve ended up sitting in our garage, collecting a lovely cobweb collection.  My littles just don’t reach for it.  They’re heavy, their tires constantly go flat, and the pedals are confusing to them, especially when they’re just too short or tall to fit on the bike.

I’m not going to lie, pedals on bikes freak me out.  They scare me when my little kids use them, because they get confused and often get their shoes or clothing stuck in there or put their feet down and tear their calves and shins up when the pedals scrape on them.  Ouch!  Not only that, but they are so worried about figuring out how to pedal that riding the bike isn’t even fun.  They usually give up and swap to something easier like a scooter.

I’m excited that my toddler and preschooler have this balance bike to share now instead.  It’s constantly fun.  They’re able to control their speed and direction.  In time, I’m sure they’ll practice lifting their feet up to drift along as if they were on a regular bike.  This will make the transition to a two-wheeler with pedals quite simple.  They’ll have a lot more confidence in what it feels like to be on two wheels, so figuring out the pedals will be their only new concern.  They won’t be used to the safety net of extra training wheels or anything, so it’ll be instantly familiar.

Strider Balance Bikes Make Great Gifts - As seen on Ethan

You can learn more about the story behind Strider by watching the video below:

I wish that we had something like this when my older kids were this age.  I’m considering getting a Strider 16 for my older sons since they honestly never learned to really ride a bike, and I know they would be mortified by training wheels at their ages.  This would be an excellent option and would look really cool and unique to ride through the neighborhood with.  Those run $199.99 and I could use it for multiple kiddos! 🙂

From our experience with these, I can say that I really feel that they are high quality, excellent learning tools, and give kids a lot of confidence.  These Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes are lightweight and easy to use for the kids, as well as easy to adjust for the parents.  They will grow with your kids and can easily be used over and over again between multiple kids.  I love something that can hold up to my kids!

By the way, once my kids really have the hang of it and want to go further than down a couple of houses, I’ll insist on shoes and helmets.  They are little wild men, but I do want them to be safe, I promise.

WIN a Strider Bike

Would you like to win a Strider Bike JUST like mine?  You’re in luck!  Strider accidentally sent me two and are graciously allowing me to keep it.  Why should my little boys have all the fun?  I’ve decided to host a giveaway with the extra bike, so I will be sending my winner an identical green Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike.  It has a retail value of $119.99.  Since shipping will be out of my own pocket, I am only offering this to residents of the lower 48 US states, and winners must be aged 18+.  Void where prohibited.  Giveaway ends 12/28/16 at 12:00 AM.

Check out more about the features on this bike here:

Enter below on the Rafflecopter widget.  Good luck!

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  1. I’ve seen these before and really want one for Sterling. Who knows, maybe my name will get drawn.

  2. Marriah Cuellar says:

    I would LOVE to win one for my 2.5 year old! He wants to be like his brother in every way! Right now he follows behind him on a scooter but a bike that looks just like his brother’s would be the ultimate awesomeness! I just know he would love it! & such a good idea – helps with coordination and gives exercise at the same time!

  3. Never heard of balance bikes til a yr or so ago so didn’t use for my daughter, but this would be awesome for the boys.

  4. Fun! Thanks for doing this giveaway. My 3 year old Johnny Hotshot, would love this little bike.

  5. Such a cool giveaway…my 3 yr old could definitely use this.

  6. My two year old son loves being outside and riding his tricycle and this would be the perfect thing to transition to a bike.

  7. What a wonderful giveaway! My 3 yr old would love it!

  8. I would love to win one of these awesome bikes!!

  9. So exciting. I apparently need a twitter acct. My two loves ages 16m and 3 yrs would be so excited. Thanks for sharing all the fun.

  10. My two year old twins want to ride a bike like their big siblings but they’re just too small. They’d LOVE THIS!

  11. I’d want to win for my nephew who has a hard time learning to ride.

  12. My little guy turns three soon and this would be perfect for him!! Hoping I win!

  13. Keri justice says:

    I would love to win for my son who will be 3 in the spring! He would love it.

  14. laura bernard says:

    I would love to win one for my daughter!

  15. Ashley Keinath says:

    It would be for my son Logan! And with a baby sister she would use it in years to come!!! This would be great for getting him comfortable on a bike!

  16. I would love to win for my son he would have fun with it.

  17. Audrey Stewart says:

    I would love to win for my 2 young nephews. They would love this, and they have a great neighborhood to ride in.

  18. I have 3 grands… Ages 3, 5 & 6! Everyone comes to my place to ride bikes in our court!! Would love for them to learn to ride & balance! TY for the chance!

  19. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I would love to win one of these for my granddaughter. She will be 3 soon and I think it will make a great birthday gift! Thanks!

  20. I would love to win this awesome balance bike for my son because it looks like a perfect bike for his outdoor activities 🙂
    Thank You, and Happy Holidays!

  21. Nichole simmons says:

    I like how they use their natural balance to control the bike. I would give it to my daughter!

  22. I have friends who swear by these!! Two of them have 4 year old boys who can already ride a pedal bike without training wheels! My son has a bike with training wheels, but I’m hoping to get my daughter a balance bike for her 2nd birthday.

  23. Nancy Loring says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter. I would actually like one for myself but I don’t think that they make them for my size plus I don’t have the best balance.

  24. Patricia Waite says:

    My son got an electric scooter for Christmas…this would be perfect for my daughter so they can ride outside together!

  25. Patricia Waite says:

    My 9yo son got an electric scooter for Christmas…this would be perfect for my 5yo daughter so they can ride outside together!

  26. Lindsay Horner says:

    My boys have loved our strider bike! It’s quite worn out but my 4 year old still flies all over the place on it. Now that my twins are getting bigger, they will be ready to jump on soon. Of course we’ll need a second one, so if I win, it will be mostly for them. Such fun bikes!

  27. Jonesville kids would absolutely love and benefit from this ! Hopig we are drawn! I will even pay the shipping!

  28. I have always wanted to try one but forget this option of a bike when I have looked.

  29. April Kelly says:

    I would love to win this for my 3 year old. He is admittedly lazy and doesn’t like peddeling his bike and we have regretted not getting the balance bike instead. He had a tricycle without peddles and did so good with that.

  30. Emily Bradford says:

    These are awesome!! My kids are struggling with the balancing part of riding. Why didnt i start with these? Its not too late for my two littles. Lol! Fingers crossed!?

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