ArtAchieve Online Art Lessons for Kids

I am not blessed with the ability to draw beyond a stick figure, so I’m always glad to have access to online art lessons so my kids can learn from those more equipped than me!  For our latest review, ArtAchieve gave us access to the Entire Level I lesson library.

ArtAchieve Online Art Lessons for Kids

ArtAchieve provides a few different ways to complete a lesson.  Lessons are available by the lesson, by the level, or as a bundle with ALL levels and lessons.  There are 5 levels total, and we were reviewing Level I.  This includes 12 lessons (with lesson 1 having three parts), including our favorite, which was The Chinese Dragon.  It is meant for students aged 5 and up, including adults!

ArtAchieve Dragon Lesson Level I Account ScreenshotTo begin, you choose a lesson to work on.  Next, print out the Warm-Up sheet and the Drawing of the picture for that lesson.  Then, you can choose to do the PowerPoint version of the lesson or the Video version of the lesson.  We prefer to do the video lesson, where we can have John Hofland teach us himself!

You will need an internet connection for your child to watch and complete the lessons, as well as a few supplies.  Fortunately, Level II didn’t require much of anything that we didn’t already have.  You can see the recommended supplies list to make sure you have everything on hand.  Luckily, none of the things we needed to pick up were very expensive.  For this review period, we did lessons that only requires a black fine tip marker and colored markers.
ArtAchieve Dragon Lesson Level I Video Screenshot

I wanted to also point out that the ArtAchieve website provides Cross-Curricular Connections.

ArtAchieve Cross-Curricular Connections

If you hover over the Art Lessons part of their website, you can choose the Level and then the Lesson.  Once you’re looking at the individual lesson, you can see their Cross-Curricular Connections for connecting what you’re learning in art to other subjects.

For example, our favorite lesson on the Chinese Dragon could be used further to connect with social studies, science, architecture, drama, and language arts.  They provide you with ideas and links to further your studies and really dig into the culture and background of the art.  This is a cool feature, and would be awesome for bulking up the lessons to be more of a unit study!

Our Experience with Art Achieve

My freshly-turned 5 year old had a lot of fun doing the warm-up activities for the art lessons.  He also attempted to try starting a few of the actual art lessons themselves, but he’s a little bit hyperactive (which may be an understatement), so we never did get a full, finished product out of him!  I’m fine with that, though.

Art Achieve Practice with Dragon Warm-up

I love that he wanted to give it a try, and he produced some nice artwork.  You could tell that he was truly following along with the lesson and doing his best.  What more could you ask for?

Art Achieve Level I Chinese Dragon Lesson with my five year old

You may remember from our review of ArtAchieve Level II that it was that same kiddo, as well as my daughter, that wanted to do art lessons in the first place!  That certainly hasn’t changed.  My daughter, who will be turning 12 soon, was excited to see these new art lessons available to her.

She enjoys the format of them.  She no longer questions turning on relaxing music to do her art, and she has come to look forward to the warm-up activities before the lessons.  I like that each lesson follows the same rhythm and routine each time.

ArtAchieve Level I Chinese Dragons Warm-Up

She likes to take her time and do a good job, but these lessons give her the direction she needs to learn new skills and practice her existing ones.  She is the artist of the family, so it’s no surprise that she did really well on the lessons that we tried.

ArtAchieve Level I Chinese Dragons sketching

In all, I think she most enjoys the fact that ArtAchieve gives the necessary steps to complete the project, but still gives her creative freedom.  Each person’s finished product will look different than everyone else’s because it doesn’t demand cookie cutter work.  That’s the best part of art, and ArtAchieve doesn’t neglect a person’s need to express themselves like the individual they are!

ArtAchieve Level I Chinese Dragon final product

I really like ArtAchieve and recommend it to other homeschooling families or any family that has a child or adult with an interest in art.  It guides you through each lesson step-by-step and leaves you with an end result to be proud of.


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