The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre

I haven’t actually read a lot of classical literature, so it is unusual for me to pick up a book written in the 1800s!  Lamplighter Publishing send me the book The Secret Bridge to review, written by Amy Le Feuvre in the late 19th century (1899 to be exact).

The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre from Laplighter Publishing

I always have a hard time setting aside a few minutes here and there to read, so I was worried that if it took me too long to get into this story, that it would never get done!  Luckily, it is such a well-written and interesting book that it piqued my interest right away and I had a hard time putting it down.

I wanted to preview it before passing it along to my children as the website says it is good for ages 12 and up.  I agree with that general age suggestion because it does deal with romance a bit, and marriage, as well as strife between families that wouldn’t really be suited for or of interest to most younger children.  There really isn’t anything in there that would appeal to my boys at this age because there’s not any action or little boy characters for them to read about! 🙂

The Secret Bridge

The story follows Bridget Channing, who has just lost her father back in India and is traveling to England where she has made plans to live with him.   He’s the only known family that she has left, and has left her entire life behind to start fresh there. When she arrives, it is not as she expected.  She suddenly finds herself speaking more and more with a gentlemen that she had observed and met on the ship ride over, Godfrey.

He makes an interesting proposition to help her get on her feet, but there’s a catch.  I don’t want to give it away, but it puts her at odds because she has to choose whether or not to be honest and true to who she is or to reveal her identity and create familial conflict.  It’s kind of a nail biter for a little bit!

I will note, however, that this is a clean book and definitely makes you feel happy and satisfied after reading it.  I love how it really highlights being a bride of Christ and helps you to see just how great God’s plans are for us; better than we could plan ourselves.  It has Bridget leaning on God for her strength and for the wisdom to make the right choices.  There’s some romance and all of that, but nothing graphic and it certainly isn’t the focus.  It really points to God throughout the story.

I liked how the book intertwined scripture by referencing it in the footnotes of the pages.  For example, a little later in the book, a character says, “Lord, save me, or I perish!” and the footnotes said, “See Matthew 14:30” so it was easy to look up and reference.  Also in the footnotes section, some words that don’t frequent our modern-day vocabulary were explained a bit more.  For example, in one part of the book, the word dotage is used, and the footnotes explain that it means feebleness of mind, particularly in old age.  These references weren’t on every page, or even most pages, but they were appropriately placed as needed.  I was grateful for them because they helped the story flow without interruption, but provided a little background information for the reader.

The book itself is under 300 pages and bound beautifully in a hard cover edition to appear like a classic book.  I love the gold accents on the front cover and the carved leather appearance of the illustration on the cover.  It has such pretty details that it would be a wonderful giftable book.  I think it would make a nice present for any female around older tween on up.

Lamplighter Publishing

Lamplighter Ministries has published many classic books through their company Lamplighter Publishing.  Their mission is to print books of high quality that emphasize biblical insights, skilled craftmanship, character development, excellence, and artistic design.  They want to instill morals and values through good role models in the books they publish.  They really aim to inspire readers to know God intimately, and do so by producing awesome books for the whole family to enjoy.  They even have a book and audio club, which I plan on checking out!

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