Thin Stix Solid Tempera Pain Sticks (Review)

We’ve been HUGE fans of The Pencil Grip, Inc. ever since we got to review Kwik Stix last year, and I was really excited to try their new Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors (affiliate link) as a review item this year!  This unique product looks like a marker from the outside, but Thin Stix are actually solid tempera paint sticks.  You use them just like you would a crayon or marker, but the color paints vividly and beautifully on posters and paper. They even work amazingly on more challenging surfaces like rocks, wood, or terra cotta.

Thin Stix - Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint by The Pencil Grip

Thix Stix are non-toxic and do not require any messy mixing or water to use.  Unlike traditional wet tempera paints or paint powders, these babies are ready to go right out of the box.  You simply take the cap off and use it.  As it gets low from use, you just twist it up.  Thin Stix have a smaller tip than the Kwik Stix we have, which makes more detailed artwork a bit easier to do with better control of the writing utensil.

Kwik Stix Thin Stix Solid Tempera Paint Sticks

The best part about using Thin Stix is that it dries so fast on the surface you’re painting.  I’m usually the mom that kind of opts out of messy paint projects because of the potential for disaster.  I really don’t love drippy paint or having to hang a project to dry or finding a spot to let a soggy paper dry for many hours.  These tempera paint sticks dry in 90 seconds.  Honestly, I’ve found that it’s even faster than that.

The colors that come in this classic 6 pack include yellow, red, green, blue, brown, and black.  There are many other colors and packs available, including neon and metallic colors!  I really want to get the Thin Stix 24 pack (affiliate link), which includes 12 classic colors, 6 neons, and 6 metalix because I want ALL the colors!  They’re fun for me to use just as much as for the kids.

Kwik Stix Thin Stix art

Not only do they dry quickly, but the Thin Stix last a really long time.  We did a rock pet project with dozens of folks at a recent event.  I expected the kids to completely use up all of the paint sticks since that was the main thing that I had brought for them to color their rocks with, but they didn’t!  I also brought some glitter glue, googly eyes, pieces of ribbon, pom poms, and beads.  It was cute to see what the kids came up with.

Kwik Stix Pet Rock Project

This was just using some plain rocks that I bought at a local home improvement store.  I didn’t even rinse the rocks, first, so I was even more impressed with how the color adhered to them.

My kids beg to use Thin Stix for regular art projects, as well.  They love the deep, bold colors that they produce, yet find them just as easy to use as their traditional school supplies like crayons or markers.  The best part is that when they don’t quite make the paper, they’ve been pretty easy to wipe up to clean.  My kids usually do their paint stick projects on our vinyl floor in the kitchen, and clean up is as easy as using a baby wipe or damp paper towel.  It also cleans off easily from their skin.

The Pencil Grip Kwik Stix Thin Stix art

I highly recommend these to other parents.  They’re something I didn’t realize I would love so much!  Their art really pops and they last a really long time.  In addition to purchasing these on Amazon, I’ve been able to find Kwik Stix at my local Target store, and they can now be found at as well.  I’m glad that they’re becoming more readily available, because they’re one of those best kept secrets that needs to get out and become part of every household!  They should be a staple in every Sunday School, elementary school, and preschool classroom that would typically use messier tempera paint but want something simpler to use.  This product is economical and so simple to use.

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