Patriotic Strawberries (Easy Last Minute Sweet Treat)

A patriotic treat doesn’t have to be complicated.  Try these super simple dipped strawberries.  They use simple ingredients that are easy to find, making them perfect for last minute folks like me!

Patriotic Strawberries - A Quick and Easy Sweet Treat

Easy Patriotic Strawberries

It really doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Kids love to help make these, and you can do the same technique with other fruits if you’d like, too.  You can certainly make them without the sticks if you’d prefer, they just make dipping and grabbing to eat so much easier!

Patriotic Strawberries Ingredients

You Will Need:

Strawberries (I like the HUGE ones like you can find at Costco)
Pack of Lollipop Sticks (affiliate)
Blue Decorating Icing (affiliate)
1 Package of Bright White Candy Melts (affiliate)
Red Sprinkles (optional, but always fun!)

You will also want to have a surface covered in wax paper to place your strawberries on.

strawberries on a stick for patriotic strawberries

To Make:

1 – Rinse and dry your strawberries.  Pierce each strawberry with a candy stick.
2 – Melt the candy melts according to the directions on the packaging. Be careful not to over heat them.
3 – When the candy melts are ready, dip the strawberries in and swirl them around to completely cover in the bright white candy melts.
4 – Place each dipped strawberry on your wax paper.  The candy melts harden quickly. After hardened, use your blue icing to swirl around the strawberries.
5 – If you want to add a little more pizzazz, sprinkle some red sprinkles on each delicious strawberry.  You may wish to place these in the fridge for a bit to help them harden, or feel free to serve right away.

dipped strawberries for patriotic strawberries

I hope you enjoy these little treats!  They make a great addition to a BBQ or any family or friend gathering, too.

What are your favorite quick and easy foods to make and take?

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