1 Samuel Bible Study for Students (Review)

Finding a simple and easy to follow independent Bible study for kids can be difficult, but I’ve been using I Can Study I Samuel Alone With God Bible Study (39 week study) NIV version with my son.  This study was written by Karen Mohs of Greek ‘n’ Stuff.

Independent Bible Study for Students - 1 Samuel by Greek 'n' Stuff

This study is a paperback, spiral-bound book.  It has 117 pages of content, which has been broken down between 39 weeks of Bible study.  I like this time span, because it allows for an entire school year of Bible study for the student.  It is a consumable workbook, so students just need to grab their NIV Bible, something to write with, and this book and then they’re set!

Each individual lesson has assignments and questions for each day of the week, Monday – Saturday.  When you turn to a lesson, it tells you the lesson number, as well as the assigned reading for that week.  For example, Lesson 2 assigned 1 Samuel 2:1-17.

Every single day begins with the task for the student to Pray and ask God to help them in studying His word.  Then, it instructs the student to read or recite the memory verse for the week.  The memory verse is pulled from the assigned reading for that lesson and is shown in a little graphic to the side of Monday’s assignment on each lesson.  As an example, Lesson 2 had the memory verse, “There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God. I Samuel 2:2” assigned to the students.  This is the verse that students will be reviewing every day that week.

1 Samuel NIV Alone with God Bible Study

Each day of the lesson, students are given several questions.  Sometimes it is a fill in the blank, but usually it is a question with a few small lines to answer briefly in a few short words.  After each question is the Bible verse that it is referencing.  I had my son use this as his guide when answering the questions.

On the first day, I had my son read the entire assigned passage.  On the following days, I instructed him to look at the verses that it was asking about for that day and to read that.  However, I told him that if it was too confusing to just read a few verses here and there, that he should reread the entire passage to get a better feel of what this devotion was about if he had forgotten from the first day.

My son and I liked that most days included little tidbits to the side that further unwrapped what he was reading.  For example, in Lesson 2, there was a blurb that described what guard the feet of his saints meant, one that helped to explain the symbolism of horns, and one that talked about the importance of burning the fat as an offering to God.  These little snippets of information helped to explain some things that were confusing to my son about the Bible passages to make it easier to understand, as well as to answer the questions.

I Can Study 1 Samuel Alone with God Bible Study excerpt

Finally, at the end of each Lesson, there is a section called Think and Pray About It where the students read a short summary of that week’s lesson, and there are a few more questions.  For these questions, there is no answer blank as students are expected to just think about these questions.  They are not questions about the passage itself, but more questions for the student to ask himself.  They put the student in the shoes of the people in the passage, or ask how they would have handled it or how they feel about things themselves.  This section encourages students to pray about what they have learned.  This section is a great way to end the lesson and really makes it more personal after spending the week answering directly off of Scripture itself.

This 1 Samuel Bible study is meant for students in late elementary and up.  I used it with my 10 year old, but I could definitely see using it with any student from about 3rd grade through high school.  The work each day is brief and to the point, so it would make a good beginning-of-the-day lesson or even a great way to have your child wind down before bed.

For the price, it is a good value for an entire year’s Bible study!  We both loved that the questions were direct and the answers were brief.  To me, this makes it the perfect Bible study for my sons because they get into the Word without fuss because they would know the lessons would be to the point and simple to complete.  I will be looking into some of the other studies offered by Greek ‘n’ Stuff as I really like the format and I got no complaints from my oldest son as he completed it!

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