Baby Extravaganza #Giveaway – Enter to WIN!

Baby Extravaganza Giveaway brought to you by: Mom Blog Society Route249 Mom Does Reviews Mommy and Baby Reviews Powered By Mom Mommy Moments with Abby And 43 more AMAZING BLOGGERS! PLUS THESE fabulous Sponsors: Birtax JJ Cole Tommee Tippee Juppy City Grips Wall Bumpi Safty Tat Dapple & Baby Instructions The giveaway will run from […]

Postpartum Update – Charlie is 5weeks :)

I promise, promise I will get the birth story up in the next day or two.  Yes, it’s late – but it’s still really relevant to me! hehe  I may or may not get to upload the vlog parts to go with it by then, but they will all eventually be put together.  In the […]

Music Together Review (Vlog)

We had a great experience with Music Together.  I wanted to vlog about it because I didn’t want to leave any info out and I’m a blabbermouth! 🙂 If you’d like more information about Music Together, feel free to visit their website or their class locator. We attended at Music Together Dallas with @MissGila.  You […]

Introducing…. Charlie Andrew!

My sweet boy has finally arrived!!!!  Charlie Andrew finally decided to join us at 3:24AM on 4/19/12.  He *did* wait until my 10th wedding anniversary to make his appearance. 😉  So sweet!He was born at 10 lb, 0.3 oz and 21.25″ long with a 14.25″ head and 14.75″ chest.  He has all 10 fingers and […]

39weeks, 5 days #vlog – Good grief, I’m still pregnant?!

Yes, it is true!  I am still WITH CHILD, folks.  Just another week of being huge pregnant under my belt (that would never fit anyway – check out the belly shot in the vlog. bwahaha).  I cannot believe that I haven’t popped yet.  On the other hand, I can totally believe I haven’t popped yet. […]