Enter to #win the Eddie Bauer Fairview Baby Collection!

Who is ready to WIN something really special for that new little bundle of joy in your life?  Now is your chance to win some awesome baby items that are fashionable AND functional. 🙂 We proudly welcome you to the Eddie Bauer Baby Collection Giveaway Event hosted by the Iowa-Mom and Bay Area Mommy! Thank […]

Baby Extravaganza #Giveaway – Enter to WIN!

Baby Extravaganza Giveaway brought to you by: Mom Blog Society Route249 Mom Does Reviews Mommy and Baby Reviews Powered By Mom Mommy Moments with Abby And 43 more AMAZING BLOGGERS! PLUS THESE fabulous Sponsors: Birtax JJ Cole Tommee Tippee Juppy City Grips Wall Bumpi Safty Tat Dapple & Baby Instructions The giveaway will run from […]

Postpartum Update – Charlie is 5weeks :)

I promise, promise I will get the birth story up in the next day or two.  Yes, it’s late – but it’s still really relevant to me! hehe  I may or may not get to upload the vlog parts to go with it by then, but they will all eventually be put together.  In the […]

Music Together Review (Vlog)

We had a great experience with Music Together.  I wanted to vlog about it because I didn’t want to leave any info out and I’m a blabbermouth! 🙂 If you’d like more information about Music Together, feel free to visit their website or their class locator. We attended at Music Together Dallas with @MissGila.  You […]

Introducing…. Charlie Andrew!

My sweet boy has finally arrived!!!!  Charlie Andrew finally decided to join us at 3:24AM on 4/19/12.  He *did* wait until my 10th wedding anniversary to make his appearance. 😉  So sweet!He was born at 10 lb, 0.3 oz and 21.25″ long with a 14.25″ head and 14.75″ chest.  He has all 10 fingers and […]