39weeks, 5 days #vlog – Good grief, I’m still pregnant?!

Yes, it is true!  I am still WITH CHILD, folks.  Just another week of being huge pregnant under my belt (that would never fit anyway – check out the belly shot in the vlog. bwahaha).  I cannot believe that I haven’t popped yet.  On the other hand, I can totally believe I haven’t popped yet. […]

I am getting Huge. 35+ weeks now..

Okay, it’s getting serious, folks.  I’m getting ginormous and actually starting to get into the uncomfortably pregnant stage.Here’s the latest pic I have taken (from yesterday): Yep, it’s just one.  No, I’m not overdue.  Yes, they are all mine.  Yes, my hands are full.  No, this is not my first.  Yes, I know what causes […]

RAQ: What is Giving Diapers Giving Hope?

Giving Diapers Giving Hope is an awesome organization that you need to know more about.  It helps families just like yours to be able to diaper their baby, even if money is tight. If you are planning on cloth diapering (or you already are) – WOOHOO!  You rock! Cloth diapers can be less expensive, gentler […]