VeggieTales: The Little House That Stood DVD is out now!

This spring, we are always on the look out for fun movies to watch on rainy days.  Veggie Tales: The Little House That Stood is such an adorable show, and we recently watched it when we were unable to head outside.  The movie was just released on March 5th and retails for only $14.99.  It would make an awesome […]

Starting a New Book – "Overcoming the Nevers" by Teri Johnson

I just received a review copy of Overcoming The Nevers: by Gardening Your Life and Nurturing Seeds of Truth by Teri Johnson.  It looks like a great book and I look forward to reading it. I’m participating in a blog tour about the book, so I’d like to share one of the discussion topics presented as […]

The tale of my local First Baptist Church…

We just moved to this area about a month ago and I’ve been eagerly trying to find ways to plug in.  We’ve had all sorts of issues, from the Girl Scouts NOT calling or emailing me back (after about 7 attempts to 3 different people… really!), finding out that the karate class I wanted to […]

52in52 Review: "What Are You Waiting For?" By Dannah Gresh

This book was a great, quick read.  I would highly recommend it to high school or college girls (and maybe guys too!) and certainly anyone dealing with junior high, senior high, or young college kids. This book basically goes over the Biblical promises for sex inside of a marriage.  It answers the question, “What are […]

Happy birthday to me and to my PRECIOUS son!!!

Well, I’m writing this on the evening of the 23rd. Tomorrow (January 24th) will be my birthday and also my amazing son’s birthday!  Happy 4th birthday, Michael!! Yes, my son was born on my 23rd birthday. 🙂 He was due on January 25th, but apparently thought it would be cool to just become my birthday […]