6 Years ago today…..

Well, I’m writing this kind of later in the evening (it’s technically Monday, but I’m still awake, so let’s pretend it is Sunday still. haha!) but I wanted to post before bed! 🙂 6 years ago today, I was in labor with my sweet baby girl.  I went into labor on Sunday, May 8th, Mother’s […]

Happy Easter!!! Now what to do about all these hardboiled eggs…

I hope you’re all having a wonderful and blessed day today!  I’d love to hear how you have spent the day and what your traditions and such are. 🙂 We spend Easter at my grandmother’s house and have a smorgasbord of delicious traditional holiday foods – usually ham and/or turkey, casseroles galore, pies and candies, […]

Happy New Year – 2011 Is HERE!

WOOHOO!  Today is the first day of a BRAND NEW year!!  So exciting.  It’s a great time to start fresh, set your goals, remember years past, get organized, and refocus. I hope you have had a lovely holiday season and made many lovely memories.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for […]

RAQ: What are some quick and easy recipes to whip up for the holidays?

Oh I LOVE quick and easy recipes! I tell ya, they’re my favorites. 🙂 I have come across SEVERAL great recipes lately. Here are a few gems I have found! PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS IN A MIXING BOWL, COMBINE 1 PKG. DRY SPICE CAKE MIX WITH 1 (16) OZ. CAN PUMPKIN AND 1 CUP CHOCOLATE […]

The Grossest Thanksgiving Ever!

Pink Sherbet Photography / People Photos / CC BY I hope you are all having a very nice Thanksgiving today!  I hope your meal somewhat resembled the one in the picture.  I know mine didn’t! hahaha I wish I could say that mine was going well, but it sure isn’t!! My youngest son has been […]