36 Free Resources to Teach Art to Preschoolers

There are so many ways to teach art, and even the youngest kids can benefit from a good fine arts education.  Here, you will find 36 FREE resources to teach art to preschoolers. Art History Art History for Kids Five and Under: Mark Rothko – http://www.two-daloo.com/art-history-toddlers-preschoolers-abstract-art/ Frans Hals, what’s that on his neck? – http://www.artsology.com/halscollars.php […]

KONOS Curriculum Information (Plus a FREE Weekly Planner Printable)

What is KONOS? I recently purchased all 3 volumes of the KONOS Curriculum for a killer deal from another local homeschooling mom.  I have had my eye on it for years, but the price tag and the lack of examples of the curriculum itself really held me back.  (You can buy KONOS used online *affiliate link*, […]

My Homeschool Piano Discovery (plus FREE printable)

My daughter has been doing the Homeschool Piano lessons for the past several months. Or so I thought. You see, while we were completing our Homeschool Piano review, she was on there making all sorts of progress by working several times a week and completing all of the lessons. Unfortunately, I slacked off on watching […]

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program (sponsored)

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Rosetta Stone. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating. My 5 year old has a late September birthday, so he is technically pre-kindergarten aged.  However, since we homeschool, I am having him work on math and reading […]

Alpha Omega Publications: Monarch 4th Grade Language Arts

I was recently blessed to become part of the Alpha Omega Publications Promotion Team and was able to choose a program to review with my family.  This was hard, because there are so many subjects and programs available.  If you’ve ever heard of Horizons, Switched-On Schoolhouse, Lifepac, or Monarch, then you’ve heard of the available […]