RAQ: How can you homeschool for free (or really cheap)? Part 1

Homeschooling does NOT have to cost an arm and a leg!   I want to show you how to homeschool for free (or really cheap).  This is the first in a 2 part series.  Be sure to check out Part 2!  There are so many resources available online that it’s almost a crime to pay […]

My Precious Little Loves

So here it is, heading into the very last stretch of 2010 and I can’t help but think about my precious little loves.  My family has been my life for the past 6+ years!  I have literally had a child in my belly and/or on the breast since mid/late 2004!  No breaks at all here… […]

RAQ: What are some great ways to teach our children about giving at Christmas time?

Giving at Christmas Time We all have hopes and dreams of our children growing up and changing the world and really making a mark for themselves out there…. why not start now? Even the smallest kiddo can truly make a difference!  Why not help teach our children about giving at Christmas time? Stuck in Customs […]