EPIC is an AWESOME Family Movie! @epicthemovie

I love being able to watch a movie that my ENTIRE family enjoys all together. I was invited to an early screening of Epic and was SO EXCITED to find that this movie fits the bill!  Brought to you by the same folks that did Ice Age, this movie rocks. The film was imaginative and […]

VeggieTales: The Little House That Stood DVD is out now!

This spring, we are always on the look out for fun movies to watch on rainy days.  Veggie Tales: The Little House That Stood is such an adorable show, and we recently watched it when we were unable to head outside.  The movie was just released on March 5th and retails for only $14.99.  It would make an awesome […]

New Care Bears and Power Rangers This Month!

I am anxiously awaiting my copies of these new films, but I just had to share their release with you guys now.  There are 2 brand new DVDs out right now – Care Bears: Totally Sweet Adventures and Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers – The Movie. Does anyone else have vivid memories of […]

The Croods – Sneak Peek Into the Making of #DWAnimation #TheCroods

My family and I recently had the opportunity to attend a special sneak peek of The Croods, as well as a special meeting with The Croods writers and directors, Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco.  Just in case you live in a cave (har har!), here is the trailer with the guys providing some commentary on […]

"Parental Guidance" Opens on CHRISTMAS! (Plus a FREE SCREENING December 15th in Plano, Texas!)

I remember my favorite holiday movie from my childhood…. Home Alone!  I actually just watched it with the kids over the weekend and they cracked up louder than I’ve heard them laugh in a really long time!  When I saw the ads for Parental Guidance, I just knew that we MUST see this one together […]