Forget the Resolutions #GIVEAWAY Hop!

Welcome to…… Forget The Resolutions Giveaway Hop January 21 – 26, 2012 Hosted by Planet Weidknecht and Going Crazy!!Wanna Go?? Alright, ‘fess up.  Did you make at least ONE resolution for 2012?  Did you actually sort of dive into it and make a long list of things you want to get accomplished this year? It’s […]

FREE Cookbook to Download

The original offer is no longer available. If you are looking for free ebooks, click on my affiliate link to Amazon for a HUGE selection of freebies!

Tropical Traditions COCONUT CREAM Concentrate (AND A GIVEAWAY!!)

YUM – By now, I think you all see that I *love* coconut-based products!  I was recently able to try another new one called Coconut Cream Concentrate from Tropical Traditions.It is a great product made ENTIRELY from coconuts.  Most items you buy from the store that say “coconut cream” are full of preservatives and filler […]

It was just "eh" (or "From One Bacon Lover to Another")

I received a tiny free sample of Skillet Bacon Jam to sample.  Let me first say that before I opened it at all, I checked out the ingredient wasn’t enough to use in a whole lot, but it was pretty good on a burger. From their website: what the heck is bacon jam?…. we […]

Awesome new recipe site – Cooking with Coke! (and a GREAT giveaway!!)

I have GOT to tell you about this great new website that was launched…by one of my FAVORITE companies ever: Yep, Coca Cola!  If you know me at all, you know what a Diet Coke addict I am… yes, it’s almost shameful.  I’ve considered installing a soda fountain at my home to save cash.  lol […]