The Texas Rangers are legendary and an big part of Texas history. Don’t you just love all the stories of the iconic rangers? At the Texas Ranger Museum you can learn about and be inspired by those legendary folks who have become symbols of Texas and the old American west. The Hall of Fame honors […]

Texas Summer Giveaway Bash! Wonder World Park giveaway!!

Jenn’s RAQ and The Texas Summer Giveaway Bash welcomes Wonder World Park (located outside of San Marcos, TX) as a sponsor! 🙂 Wonder World Park is a fabulous place for you and your family to visit year round. (Check out the available dates and times here). Attractions include: The Balcones Fault Line Cave, also known […]

RAQ: What Is the Texas Summer Giveaway Bash You’ve Been Talking About??

I am a born and bred Texan and absolutely love living in my state! Texas is beautiful, filled with countless things to do and see! “Everything Is Bigger In Texas?”  Right? Jenn’s RAQ has joined forces with several other Texas bloggers to bring you a Texas Summer Giveaway Bash you’ll never forget!!!Make sure to LIKE […]

Wish Upon a Hero

I recently found out about Wish Upon a Hero on the Blogging Texas forum. Wish Upon a Hero is an organization where you can ask for a wish to be granted or you can grant the wish(es) of people that have posted.  The wish might be something as simple as a card for their sick […]